5 WAYS TO OFFEND your wife unconscious and destroying MARRIAGE

There are things that hurt our wives and destroying marriages. Here are five of them ...

Nowadays it is difficult to be a man. Modern men have to be sensitive, caring, be in harmony with their feelings; At the same time, they need to be strong advocates and have the opportunity to fix what is broken. Men can not be too sensitive or too good defender.

As men, we are trying to balance on the verge between care and power. And, since this face is too thin, we often fail. But there are things that hurt our wives and destroying marriages. Here are five of them:

1. Do not provide a basis for family
As a man, we are obliged to provide for their families regardless of whether the wife. Sometimes that means working overtime, keeping in mind that your children can start a baseball league. And sometimes it means to work, biting her lip, due to the fact that your boss - the more eccentric, because you have to feed their families. But it's worth it to come in the evening and see the smiles on the faces of everyone.

2. Pessimism
Even when we were kids, we repeated all the time: "Pull yourself together" and "Do not Cry", to accept the fact that life sometimes there are bad things. Sometimes this is very good advice, your wife needs to see in you an optimist. In your relationship should not influence any problems, failures and health problems. Your wife does not want someone who will tell her to stop crying, she needs a courageous shoulder.

3. Preservation of physical affection
Yes, a man and do it. Physical affection is more than that ... It means embracing her before leaving for work, keeping her hand in the shop, and pressed her to him, when you watch a movie together on the couch. If you save it, you will see how it will bloom. The attraction, which you demonstrate in the bedroom - nothing compared to the attraction that you show her outside of the bedroom.

4. The first set out the less important things
Of the hundreds of girls, you know, and dozens of girls that met your wife you have chosen to live her life. She needs to know that you still appreciate it. Whenever you are together, you check your phone or each time you come home late after work, do not call, you give her a sign that she is not important to you. Consequently, it wonders whether it is the way to you in the same way as it was when you first got married.

Your work is important, but do not forget for whom you work. Remember that your phone nothing is more important than what is happening around you.

5. Do not speak her language
A woman should know that she is loved and that you are grateful to her. Do you think that expressing love that every day go to work and earn money, but most did not show (except, perhaps, Valentine's Day).

But she needs to see your love, what are you doing all this for her. So take the time to do something special. Send her a couple of messages a day, or buy flowers. You may wonder her reaction.


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