10 things that have stopped making each pair

The list of things every couple should stop doing before they damage their relationship

Most couples develop bad habits over time, which could damage relations. Here are 10 things every couple should stop doing before they damage their relationship.

1. Give your partner enough attention
If you are used to check mail or correspond with friends while your significant other is missing in the same room, it is difficult to call and hanging out. Sooner or later, you just stop to chat, you'll be hard to put aside all their affairs and talk with your partner. Try to always pay enough attention to each other.

2. stingy with compliments
Never too many compliments. Once mature relationship, many couples are starting to talk to each other less pleasant words. Do not stop to maintain your companion. Nothing adds confidence as warm words of a loved one.

3. Compete
Constant rivalry can lead to the fact that you will behave more like a family, but not a couple. Remember, in a romantic relationship does not need to seek justice. Stop counting, which one of you did more useful in the last month, the best accent your attention on what you can give to your partner, and not just demand.

4. To let the words on the wind
Trust - is the foundation of any relationship. Let only those promises that are actually able to accomplish. Always keep your word.

5. To speak more than listen
During the conversation, learn to listen more than talk. Most often, people forget about it, and instead listen to the other person, begin to interrupt and impose their point of view. Be alert to your partner. Please listen to his opinion, and then share their own. This approach will lead to the fact that you begin to understand each other better, and you will have less reason to quarrel.

6. Inattentively listen
During a call, the source is silent all the time, it still does not mean that he listens carefully. To better understand his companion, do not forget to ask clarifying questions. Get rid of anything that distracts you. Show that you really important what he says.

7. refers to the ratio, as something secondary
Typically, most couples relations are in first place at the very beginning of their development. But then, there are new concerns: children, work, friends who begin to lead in your priority list. Remember, the less important for you to become a relationship, the more likely that they will soon run out.

8. Constantly criticizing
Regularly criticizing your mate, you can instantly destroy the relationship. If you each time to talk to his companion that he is doing something wrong, something between you soon will be a huge gap. Try to express your opinion as discreetly as possible and less to criticize.

9. Finding fault with each other
This habit can ruin even the strongest union. It's okay to ask your partner to do something for you, but do not need to pester his chicanery if it did not work the way you want. Treat your partner like an adult responsible person, not as a child, you want to bring up.

10. To try to change each other
Trying to change your partner over the unpleasant consequences for you. Direct all the attention to change their own behavior and attitudes to the shortcomings of the partner may then want to change your companion with you.


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