Western Kazakhstan. Mangyshlak

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I then asked what interesting in Mangistau except salt marshes? In general, decided to show a couple of places.
Thus, Western Kazakhstan, Mangyshlak, May 2009.
Kazakhstan greets us with an excellent asphalt road. Straight as a string, smooth as glass. So we drove over 1000 km. After Beyneu asphalt disappears. And start a rally. We frolicked, take pictures.
An hour later, the road not getting any better, is still as on a washboard. This nastorazhivaet.A an hour later it gets dark. Fatigue, omnipresent dust, a complete lack of visibility. And so almost 300 km. In Aktau, we arrived only in the morning exhausted to the limit.
Somewhere on this road dies amortizator.Vot so we were greeted by Kazakhstan. But the next day we rested, solved all the problems and went to the sea.
Caspian Sea. How I heard about it. And here it is. These colors and expanses of deserted beaches I have seen only in the Pacific. It is important to understand that the basic scenery here - it's the steppe. It is spring, a lot of green, but mostly it scorched flat as a table boundless steppe. But among this anhydrous monotony sometimes found oases. Trees, reeds and mint. Pleasantly cool.
Source Tamshaly. Small lakes, there is even a grotto. Of the rocks are the drops of water. These tears are falling down. It is home to the beautiful big birds. Our way lies on Cape Zhigylgan.
Translated, it means "Fallen Earth" .Stoya on the edge of this huge bowl, looking down on all of these fragments and wonders how this could happen. It is for certain that no one knows. Maybe Karst may earthquake ...
Among these fragments is a small lake. Around a thousand traces of camels and horses, watering is a kilometer from the sea. Relief changes dramatically. Ahead of chalk mountains. Wind and rain have made these bizarre forms. From the brightness does not save sunglasses. Here and there there are nodules.
These are spherical geological formations, which are only in sands and clays. Usually small, in the tens of centimeters, here they reach much larger sizes. Alien sight.


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