Landscapes for cabinets

This is - a giant heavy engineering plant "Uralmash". Once the factory Russian landscape painter painted cabinets for tools in one of the factory floor. Harmony of nature against the all-destroying human activities.

In the northern part of modern Yekaterinburg in the 20-ies of XX century was the taiga, and human presence did not violate its centuries of dormancy. Birds and animals feel at thriftily. In 1928, July 15, in a pine forest, in a festive atmosphere was laid the foundation stone of the giant Soviet industry - plant "Uralmash».
The total area of ​​land that had been cleared of forest - 353, 7 hectares. In just five years, was built by one of the world's largest heavy engineering plant, equipped with the latest technology that time.
Along with the prosperity of Plant degraded its natural surroundings: shoaling once navigable rivers, lakes dry up. So plant killed nature for their own prosperity. Back in early 2008, the plant "Uralmash" - Russia's largest heavy engineering. Plant every day produced one excavator and rig.
The onset of the global economic crisis significantly hit by the largest metallurgical enterprises. Currently the plant is almost completely stopped. Now the factory floor peace and quiet, as once in a pine forest, which stands on the site of plant. A Russian landscapes frozen between rail cars, as a reminder of the once ruined nature. Now is the time kills the plant, which once killed nature in order to be forever.


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