Turquoise ice of Lake Baikal

These beautiful pictures made landscape photographer Alexei Trofimov. He calls the Lake Baikal "the pearl of the world", and unusual ice formations can be considered its sapphires.

Lake Baikal itself is wonderful even without bright icy wonderland. These 31,722 kilometers of water surface are located in the south-eastern Siberia. Lake Baikal - oldest lake in the world, according to one version it was formed 25 million years ago. The bottom of this gigantic trough lies on 1186 m below sea level, and the distance from the water surface to the lowest point of the investigated reaches 1642 m. Baikal - the deepest lake on the planet.

Trofimov says vicinity of the water are extremely diverse topography, flora and fauna. Next to him is a "high mountain ranges, impassable taiga, sandy beaches, wild steppes." Baikal weather also fickle. The lake is often bathed in sunlight, but there are storm. Photographer considers this place "severe, dangerous, and beautiful».

Bright shades of turquoise ice appears here every year, tentatively in March. Many want to see the wonderful beauty of the frozen path to keep the lake at this time.


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