Engineer from New Zealand opened the world's most compact drill

Engineer from New Zealand Lance Abernathy printed the most compact in the world drill using a 3D-printer Ultimaker 2.

The device, which is installed inside a tiny fee, it is working. It is able to drill a small hole in the top layer of skin of a finger or paper.

First, engineers have created a computer model of a mini-drill using the program Onshape 3D, using as a "standard" full-size drill. Then he opened the two halves of the enclosure and the chuck for fixing the "needle┬╗.

It is interesting that the whole process has been spent around 25 minutes.

Next, the engineer took about three hours to place the device in a tiny engine, the battery, the power button and wires obtained from purified headphone cable.

The dimensions of the resulting mini-drills made 17h7, 5h13 mm diameter drill - 0, 5 mm.



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