Tesla allowed to directly sell electric cars in New Jersey

As previously reported , Governor of New Jersey Chris Christie had to sign or veto a bill to permit Tesla direct sales of its electric vehicles in the region. The other day, Christie yet signed the bill, automatically opening Tesla opportunity to sell their products directly to everyone, without the need to work with dealers.

According to mask the company Tesla Motors must obtain permission to implement the scheme of sales by type of Apple, when in specialized stores selling products of one company, in this case, cars, and everything connected with them. Elon Musk also believes that such a scheme can not only increase sales, but also to show Americans the benefits of transition to electric vehicles.

With this new law, TeslaMotors can now establish direct sales operations directly to NJ consumers.- Governor Christie (GovChristie) March 18, 2015 blockquote>
¬†However, in some states, direct sales of electric Tesla prohibited. Such laws have been adopted in Texas, Virginia, Arizona and Michigan. In these states the lobby car dealers has made the ban on the scheme of Tesla. Last year, President of the Coalition of automotive retailers of New Jersey said that ¬ęTesla is working illegally, and from 1 April 2014 the company must either go out of business or decide to open a franchise." As you can see, in this state the last word of the mask.

A huge victory in New Jersey for consumer choice: We are open for business! GovChristie - Tesla Motors (TeslaMotors) 18 March 2015 blockquote>

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