Zhvanetski. In a country where everything is stolen along the fence, the road is not easy to ask.

Maitre 81. But he still bright, hlestok and unique. Somewhere even perfect in its conciseness. Everyone would be so.

In history it is difficult to enter, but it is easy to plunge.

Fortune smiles brave ... And then laughs at them for a long time!

Alcohol in small doses is harmless in any amount.

The highest degree of embarrassment - two views encountered in the keyhole.

An optimist believes that we live in the best of all worlds. The pessimist is afraid that the way it is.

Everything is going well, just past.

Forbidden things there, there are things non-recommended.

Do you want everything at once, and you get nothing and gradually.

In the beginning was the Word .... However, judging by the developments further word was unprintable.

All day awake all night do not eat - of course you get tired ...

Wisdom does not always come with age. It happens that age comes alone.

Any car will last until the end of life, if you go quite dashing.

The most unfortunate animal - octopus. He and legs from the ears, and hands out of your ass, ass and she - with ears.

It is better to engage in labor with love, than to make love work.

Only in birthday know how much unnecessary things in the world.

A clear conscience - a sign of a bad memory.

Happy is it? At different times, this question answered in different ways, but always - it is negative.

Happy end does not happen. If lucky, so not the end.

Great happiness - to see a real bloody heroic life and it does not participate.

Happiness - it's time to see the toilet and before him to run.

Nice to live not forbid. But you can prevent.

If you argue with an idiot, you are probably doing the same thing and it is.

I said, "Or I'll live well, or my work will become immortal." And life has turned back towards the works.

Dobpo always triumphs over evil, so who wins, he is good.

Russia - a country of talents. Talents mass, no one to work.

When it is felt that the whole world is lying? When you're on a plane to announce that the time difference between Moscow and New York only 8 hours.

History of Russia - fighting ignorance, injustice.

Our freedom resembles a traffic light, which lit three fires immediately.

We have what can only be no. We just can not be. We just do not want something, that can not be.

In a country where everything is stolen along the fence, the road is not easy to ask.

Today, the words: "There is one good TV transmission ..." - reminiscent of denunciation.

A normal person in our country responds to the surrounding only one - he drinks. Therefore, non-drinking still a bastard.

We have no one go astray, we do not care where to go.

If you are told that you are a multi-faceted personality - do not flatter yourself. Maybe we have in mind, you bastard, you bastard, and the parasite at the same time.

Have you seen a man who never lies? It's hard to see it all the same is avoided.

The hardest person is given that is not given to him.

Decent person can easily find out by how clumsy it makes meanness.

In every major personality is something fine print.

The difference between the intelligent and wise, clever with great difficulty, gets out of the situation, which does not get wise.

Thinking is so difficult, so most people will judge.

People are divided into those for whom you can rely on those to whom you need to put.

If there was someone ready to move mountains for them will necessarily go the other, ready to wring his neck.

Everyone - architect of his own happiness and the anvil of another.

Born to crawl - crawl through everywhere.

Some have both hemispheres are protected by the skull, while others - pants.

Some look brave, because they are afraid to escape.

It's hard to be the last bitch - always someone added a rear!

Life is short. And we should be able to. Must be able to come away with a bad film. Throw a bad book. Away from the bad man. They are many.

Nothing hurts a person, like shards of their own happiness.

What is the writer's life? No one thought aloud. What is the writer's death? The publication.

Well, at least five minutes a day, think bad about yourself. When you feel bad about thinking - this one ... But of himself five minutes a day ... It's like thirty minutes of running.

Never exaggerate stupid enemies and faithful friends.

Real solitude - all night when you talk to yourself - and you do not understand.

Guys, so if we're neck-deep in shit, join hands!


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