Battle with the bandits Caribbean

I was interested in history, I decided to post. Recommend reading.
Further more text and photos.

Last night, returning home with a friend in the car, while 10 pm, in general, struck the wheel stopped to change. Not a soul around, the road goes along the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, on all sides only pastures. Put the spare tire, tighten the bolts, then drove up on a motorcycle two gainyantsev, said hello and asked if help is not needed. Politely refused, saying that the wheel has changed, they said goodbye and went back to the motorcycle. Sit in the car, only have time to close the door, as an open window and put your hand puts a hefty knife to her throat, something in the likeness of a small machete (not flat and horizontal, resting the end of the blade in the Adam's apple), once on the machine click on the button Lock the doors, and then to teach his fist in the temple. With a friend, who was sitting in the passenger seat is the same situation, only the knife rested in the side. It all happened in a matter of seconds. The attackers were just two Haitians who offered help. Started yelling, who wiggled kill nafig on classic: money, gold, car keys on the base and out of the car. Grabbed by the arm, but immediately felt a little bit more and it pierces my throat. Here before I start to realize that if he did nothing is done, then we fertilize neighboring pasture. Of the weapons at hand nothing, but in the trunk of a carbine, and in the back seat in a bag Glock-17 (feet do not kick, I know that is always with you need to carry, but in the heat on a weapon especially not hide, and open carrying is prohibited, so and wear a shoulder bag).


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