5 strange modern space projects

Processing plant feces on the Moon
One of the main obstacles for the development of the far corners of the solar system is the technical difficulty in bringing the Earth's atmosphere of a large amount of fuel, sufficient to carry out long missions. Even on Mars with the present standpoint of techniques is practically impossible to get.

Scientists have long pondered the possibility to build a plant for the production of fuel for spacecraft in Earth and beyond. And recently specialists from NASA has announced a truly extraordinary idea of ​​such proceedings. In the US space agency proposed the creation of a future lunar base for industrial processing capacity faeces astronauts into fuel for spacecraft.

According to this idea from NASA, space vehicles that are being delivered to Mars and beyond, will make an intermediate stop on the moon to refuel. To do this, however, have much to upgrade now used types of engines so that they can also run on fuel so unusual as recycled human feces.

Space elevator
Perhaps, in the relatively near future to get into Earth orbit will be many times easier than it is now. After all, it does not need to be launched from a rocket launch sites - to go into space will be sufficient to only use the elevator.

Orbital elevator - it's a dream of several generations of scientists and engineers working on space exploration. It is not the first decade of the many teams from all over the world are finding in technologies that will in the future to create a similar vehicle.

Some groups are working to create ultra-thin, ultra-light and ultra-strong materials for cable lengths of hundreds of kilometers, which will rise to the elevator, the other - develop innovative engines for such a movement.

Japanese corporation Obayashi Corporation promises to create a working model of a space elevator in 2050. This orbital transport will rise at a speed of 200 kilometers per hour and carry up to 30 people at a time. To achieve the station at an altitude of 38,000 kilometers above the Earth elevator take approximately eight days.

Orbital nightclub
The company Virgin Galactic, a space dedicated to tourism, expect the flight into orbit in the future will be so simple and cheap that there will be no more difficult to reach than the fly, for example, in Australia. And once in the cosmos will be many people, it is necessary to ensure that they are there recreation and entertainment.

As a result, a couple of years ago, Virgin Galactic and Playboy presented a joint project, which involves launching into Earth orbit own station, which will operate as a nightclub for space tourists.

This station, ISS for adults, as it is called creators, will consist of a central core, which will open a restaurant, and a ring around the individual rooms. These branches will be in dance halls, as well as a lounge area for relaxing and socializing visitors unusual nightclub.

In Virgin Galactic and Playboy promise that dancing in zero gravity will be truly interesting and unusual experience for even the most inveterate party-goers.

Mining asteroids elements

Film director James Cameron is known to the world as a man who knows how to sell absolutely fantastic projects that seemed to everyone else unenforceable. His films "Terminator," "Titanic" and "Avatar," he established a completely new technological trims in the film, and in 2012 the third in the history of Cameron dropped in the submersible to the bottom of the Mariana Trench.

But not only the ocean depths are limited to current research interests Cameron, he also turned his attention to space. The famous director was one of the founders of the fund, which plans to start mining operations in space objects.

Scientists claim that some asteroids have huge deposits of rare earth elements, which are mined in the near future may become a priority. For example, in one pyatisotmetrovom space object may be more platinum than it produced Humanity in our history.

Of course, the cost of space mining elements many times their development on Earth, but under the conditions of industrial scale of these activities, investments will pay for themselves many times.

3D-printer for food under conditions of weightlessness

The US space agency dreams that astronauts who go into space as part of its projects, which will be provided with a wide variety of nutritious meals than it does now. To do this, NASA has issued several large grants for the development of 3D-printers that can print food in conditions of weightlessness.

But in the future, but for now these devices have to learn to type food in general. The technology is to be loaded into a printer cartridge that various nutrients that may mixed with each other to create a variety of flavors and substances. This enables you to print food dishes at once, select one from the device software is not doing the traditional cooking in parts.

In NASA believe that these printers will be required kitchen appliance around the world in ten years. And when there will be the usual 3D-printer for cooking, you can modify them to work in conditions of weightlessness. Moreover, many modern technologies used in the home, were originally developed as part of the space race. As a visual confirmation of these words can lead microwaves.



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