Gifts from the dog

In spite of everything, every morning you are welcomed by smiling muzzle.

Your dog - your main friend and friend who will stretch paw care, even in the hardest times.

And when you no longer have the strength to fight, dog, always lead you along and give faith to the best.

Your dog appreciates even the tiny things that you do for him, and repays double or even triple.

Dog - your main sidekick who is willing to go with you to meet even the most stupid and unimaginable adventure.

When you leave, you know that you are always at home bored and are looking forward to your return.

Home is waiting for you the most iridescent reception which guaranteed, give you a smile.

Even in the most crazy day, sweet and delicate muzzle your little dog to calm down and make you feel a lot better.

By some miracle, the dogs always know when you are ill and are willing to do anything to ease your suffering.

The dog is always ready to spend great time with you and play ...

But to lie in the arms - they, too, will never abandon.

Dog, never condemn your crazy love for the series, as long as you see them together.

And he does not care what you look like in the morning until you promise him "snacksĀ».

Your dog understands that sometimes life can be ruled by a mess, but it absolutely does not bother her.

You can overeat by whatever goodies in front of your dog, and it will only be happy for you and remind you of the diet (and will not be offended if you ugostite and his).

Your dog loves you in absolutely everything!

In spite of that, most of all in the life of your dog loves to just be with you next.

In good times and bad, the dog is ready to reward you unselfish and all-consuming love, and is there a better gift?


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