12 things that makes anyone staying home alone

The first thing you just take off your pants and threw them away, no matter what the temperature will be in the house

If there is a reason why you have to go outside, you never will dress your good old jeans. It will either be old trikeshniki, or any other convenient, but humiliating pants that you have lying around for ten years

Going from room to room turns into a dance. Moonwalk, this is just what I need to move from room to room

In the end, you go into the shower with the door open and you sing your favorite songs in a loud voice. And it will take about 45 minutes, because there is no one who could stop you

All that you will be eaten, is eaten directly their pots / containers, if it does not need the capacity, it will be eaten straight from the fridge. Thus, you become like a raccoon, poking around in the trash

When you're always busy, you write and call friends, distracting from the important things, but if you get bored at home alone, as the network it's not online, but your phone is still without any signs of life

You start to live a more serious conversation with your pet. Every time he walks into the room, you say, "Oh, look who we have here come!ยป

You enjoy every minute of their self-isolation, when you do what you can not do when all the houses. Drink milk straight from the package - priceless ...

In the end, you get bored, and you start to look absolutely useless to you tutorials on YouTube

Even if you have some important things to do, you convince yourself that play video games for an hour is not a problem. Four hours later, you realize that it was not the best idea

If you have a roommate, then you start to look and check his stuff. No, you're not going to steal anything or use, you just want to see them


Ultimately, when you have finally enjoy the solitude, you become infinitely boring and you start to write to leave you close messages like: "eeeee! What do you do? When you come back? "Admit it, you just have missed



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