Amazing pictures of the natural world

Pupils have a Sumatran Tiger enclosure at Edinburgh.

David Dubilet one of the outstanding underwater photographers. For many years he removes the depths of marine life around the globe. This picture was taken in the Okavango River in southwestern Africa.

Monkeys quench their thirst in the heat.

Giant sea devil, or manta - the largest of the rays. Despite the frightening appearance, these fish are not dangerous to humans, although I believe that the manta rays can attack divers, hugging his top fin-wings and crushed to death. Existed and beliefs that the ramp can swallow a man.

Dutch photographer Frans Lanting, specializing in wildlife photography, captured crested penguins in New Zealand.

Mexico, 2001. Two related jaguar in a canoe.

Emperor penguins are known for their spectacular leaps, through which they can escape the jaws of aggressive leopard seals found in the Ross Sea off the coast of West Antarctica. Only recently, scientists have found that air bubbles produced by these cute flightless birds, act as a lubricant, which makes them faster and more maneuverable.

Polar bear watching aboard Lindblad Expeditions National Geographic Explorer in Norway.

Elephant seal off the coast of San Simeon, California, USA. Elephant Seals - it seals. They got their name because of the massive body. Males can reach 6 m in length and weigh up to 5 tons.

This little owl found on the street - as it turned out, she was blind and wounded, as when trying to fly against the wall. After a visit to the vet owl found a permanent home at the Training Center of wildlife. For her amazing eyes she was named Zeus.

Egyptian goose fights with his reflection in a sculpture by Anish Kapoor "Heaven Heaven 2006" in Hyde Park, London, UK. Large flocks of crows can be a few hours to empty the field, eating the ripe grain and trampling young shoots. In South Africa, considered malicious agricultural pests.

Buffalo in a pond, Jammu and Kashmir, India. Asian (Indian) buffalo - is the most prominent artiodactyl on our Earth. Its height at the withers - 180 cm and weight of males - almost 1,000 kg.

Lassi Rautiainen, the famous Finnish wildlife photographer, captures an unusual example of friendship between the brown bear and wolf. Young, but a fairly large bear and wolf have created an unusual alliance. According to Lassi is likely to happen to young animals - due to the fact that they did not have sufficient experience in the hunt. Together, the young predators managed to survive in the harsh conditions of the wild environment. Lassi believes it is quite comfortable together. Within ten days, when he watched them, they met and dinner together. Their meeting lasted from 8 pm to 4 am.

Carp drinking milk from a bottle in the aquarium in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, China.

October 23 populations of USA, Canada and Mexico were lucky to see a partial solar eclipse.

Squirrel meets dawn in Yosemite park in the USA.

Fish lover Maria Agnese Cornaro of Italian communes near Canelli with plastic head swordfish. The woman received this gift a few years ago, when the city was headed exhibition aquariums.

Morning awakening in the pasture, southern Sudan. The role of cows in the pastures is huge: they are used as a dowry, currency, they are the basis of social status. Many people are stealing cows using modern weapons. And it remains one of the most serious security problems.

Israeli photographer Alex Geifman took this picture in the Ben Shemen forest, which is located in the central part of Israel. Two months later, he watched the cubs. In this picture, two fox climb up a tree, when one stumbles. Next frame fox still falls to the ground.


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