The bunker in case the apocalypse

Survival Condo Project - a luxury residential complex, soruzheniya the former missile silo. The project is located near the American town of Concordia, Kansas. Initially, the bunker was built in the 60s last stoletiya.

The front pair of doors to the bunker weighs about fourteen and a half tons. The thickness of the concrete wall is nine meters, which will survive even in case of a direct nuclear hit. Dome bunker capable of withstanding the force of the wind up to 800 km / h. In the bunker at the same time can live up to 70 people. Moreover, the reserves will be enough for a comfortable life in a few years. A condominium is an average of 185 square meters and costs $ 1, 5 and $ 3 million. All apartments are sold. Bunker goes deep into the Earth at 174 metra.

"In this regard, the situation has deteriorated dramatically since the Soviet period. It is not only and not so much the destruction of schools and the loss of development, and anti-scientific social atmosphere. A mixture of hedonism, pop (in the broad sense of this concept), propaganda and religion, combined with the rapid fall in secondary and higher education is not conducive to the emergence and retention of the more scientists. Therefore, to create a promising weapon we will be extremely difficult, "- says Hramchihin.

In his opinion, such a weapon would still be sooner or later invented, because the rapid scientific and technological progress makes the reality of the most incredible ideas in science fiction literature and cinema. According to him, in terms of scientific and technological potential, today, to engage his invention can only be the United States.

He suggests that if such weapons are developed and then under the heading of perfect secrecy and should not assume that it will be discussed.

In his article, he explains that the most promising and the most dangerous weapon is one that will create based on nanotechnology. It will look like "autonomous nanorobots, penetrating into the body of a person or damaging equipment." And to oppose them would be virtually impossible, however, like to know who and when to strike.

Another possible form of new weapons - a bacteria that can destroy the fuel. They will be able to paralyze the use of weapons and equipment, but no one was killed.

Recall that the Russian high-ranking officials have said more than once that in the foreseeable future will be developed discreet cruise missile, which will arm the heavy bombers, and the machines that will be able to compete with the American F-22 and F-35s.

As suggested by Western analysts, perhaps it comes Kh-102, which is considered a modified version of the Cold War missiles X-55 with a reduced radar signature.

Develop X-102 are almost 20 years, in the 1990s, the work was stopped due to lack of funds. But about 10 years ago, once again, there were reports that the work resumed again. And five years ago, several rockets were shown "under the wing" heavy bomber Tu-95.



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