10 critical errors when searching for your favorite things

First, look at what is and what is your favorite thing to look for him.

One of the most important parameters of satisfaction with life - is to find things that you bring: 1 - fun 2 - a decent income. If there is fun, but there is no money - this is a hobby, if you have money, but there is no pleasure - is the work (it does not matter - or hired themselves). Favorite thing combines these two sides, and because many people want to find it, but not all succeed. This is because the search is made a number of errors.

I was kind of hits such errors:

1. You are trying to deal with the case, which does not light you personally. It can be arbitrarily popular, bringing a good income to other people, you can accumulate a lot of knowledge in this area, but ... you personally it does not affect, you do not burn the eyes at the same time and most have to force yourself to do something.

2. You have no ability to do business. Everyone has a certain tendency, some things he does best, which is worse. You are well cross stitching, but do not like to prepare financial statements. Do you love to drive a motorcycle, but hardly take out routine, repetitive tasks on an assembly line. Do not try to be a generalist, which is good in everything. Will mediocre performer.

3. It is quite in demand. What you want to do, no one else cares. Or are interested in a very narrow circle of people. In this case, your occupation is bound to be a hobby.

4. High level of competition, a lot of people engaged in this business. Contact paragraph 3 of the situation: too many people already go this well-trodden path. Do not engage in cloning ideas. Copy is always worse than the original.

5. You do not find your uniqueness. Poor know their particular inclinations, abilities. Do not know what might stand out among the other people involved in this affair.

6. You are not ready to act. You can vegetate on his gray work and dream of something better, but you're not ready to make a decisive action to find their cause.

7. You are not ready to listen to yourself, your desires. All work with them you feel just a whim and pleasure, suspicious of all kinds "subtle matter" like the Soul, Dreams, Vocation.

8. You do not really want to change anything in my life. Even if you do not like it much at your current job - is familiar. You are just playing a game with yourself, "try to change something." You're not ready to get out of your comfort zone really.

9. The general negative attitude to life, disbelief in the possibility to change it. Whiners and pessimists are doomed. "If you think that you get - you'll get. If you think that you do not get - you do not get "(Henry Ford).

10. Low self-esteem, lack of confidence in their own strength. Perhaps because of the education you just do not see their strengths and do not believe in what you deserve the best that you can get - do what you like and earn decent money. As in the story about an elephant: a small elephant tied a thick rope to the cabinet so as not to run away. When the elephant grows, his thin rope tied to a small column. The elephant does not even try to escape - he learned the lesson that it is impossible.

As you can see, part of the errors associated with external factors (3, 4), but most belong to your inner mood. Controlling them, you can find a favorite thing, and the rest - this technology: find information, organize, execute and so on

The main thing - to understand themselves.


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