Curse "Master and Margarita"

In the director's medium rumors about a so-called "curse" of Mikhail Bulgakov's novel "Master and Margarita", where one of the main characters is the devil himself. During performances or productions of films on this product there are various oddities and annoyances, mysticism permeates everything related to the world of "The Master and Margarita."

When Vladimir Bortko put his film "Master and Margarita", the Oleg Jankowski, a visiting professor at the role of black magic Woland, refused the offer, saying: "I believe that the devil, as the Lord God, you can not play." Bortko film was released not so long ago - in 2005, however, one of those actors who still dare to play in this picture, is no longer alive 18 people! Is this a coincidence, or play with the evil spirit must pay the cost of living?


The first victim of the "curse" October 2, 2005 was the actor Alexander Shepherd, who played investigator who led the search Voland. Disappeared shortly before the premiere. Found dead in his apartment. The circumstances of death are unknown. He was 47 years old.

"The investigator had left Ivanushki receiving very important material. Going on a string of events from the end to the beginning, finally managed to get to the source from which all went to the event. The investigator had no doubt that these events began with the murder at Patriarch. Of course, neither Ivan nor this checkered not pushed under a tram accident chairman Massolit physically, so to speak, his fall under the wheels did not contribute to anyone. But the investigator was convinced that Berlioz threw himself under a tram (or collapsed under him), being hypnotized ».

September 28, 2006 died actor Pavel Komarov, who played the thief on the pier. That he stole clothes to bathe the poet Ivan Homeless. Komarov was the leading actor of the Tsaritsyn Youth Theatre, founded the musical group "risk group».

"Taking off his clothes, Ivan entrusted her some pleasant bearded man smokes a cigarette near a ragged white shirts and worn boots unlaced. Waved to cool off, Ivan rushed to swallow the water. Spirit caught him before had cold water, and even flashed the thought that not be possible, perhaps, to jump out to the surface. However jump failed and puffing and snorting, with round eyes in horror, Ivan began to swim in the oil-smelling black water between the shore of broken zigzags lanterns. When wet Ivan priplyasal the steps to the place where the left under the protection of his bearded dress, it turned out that kidnapped not only the second, but first, that is bearded himself. Exactly in the place where there was a pile of dresses, were striped pants, torn sweatshirt, a candle, an icon and a box of matches. Wagged in impotent rage to someone far away with his fist, Ivan put on what was left ».

December 27, 2006, died 67-year-old Stanislav Landgraf, who played Latunsky criticism.

& Quot; - Latunsky! - Margarita screamed. - Latunsky! Why, this is it! That he killed the wizard.
The doorman at the door, rolling his eyes and even bouncing surprise, looked at the blackboard, trying to understand such a miracle: why is it suddenly screeched list of tenants. A Margarita at this time already climbed rapidly up the stairs, repeating in some ecstasy:
- Latunsky - eighty-four! Latunsky - eighty four ...
Here's to the left - 82 right - 83, still above the left - 84. That card - "O. Latunsky ».

April 27, 2007 died USSR People's Artist Kirill Lavrov, who played Pontius Pilate.

"This character has left in the abyss, gone forever, forgiven on Sunday night, the king's son-astrologer, cruel fifth procurator of Judea, Pontius Pilate horseman».

April 27, 2007 fell through the ice while fishing and died Eugene Merkur'ev (bookkeeper). In the series, the bookkeeper and Pilate did not overlap. But the life of Mercury and Lavrov went in one day.

January 3, 2008 at the age of 54 from lung cancer, died Alexander Abdulov (cows).

"It is unlikely now learned to Koroviev-bassoon, the self-styled interpreter when a mysterious and needs no translation of consultants, who are now flying directly next to the right hand of Woland girlfriend wizard. In place of the one who dressed in ragged circus left Sparrow Hills named Koroviev-bassoon, now rode quietly jingling gold chain halter, dark purple with a dark knight and never smiling face. He rested his chin on his chest, he did not look at the moon, he was not interested in the earth beneath him, he was thinking about something else, flying beside Woland ».

April 7, 2008 Andrew died Tolubeev who voiced Aloysius Mogarych. As a senior fellow at the Petersburg theater BDT Kirill Lavrov, Tolubeev consigned to the grave oncology. The diagnosis of pancreatic cancer.

January 25, 2009, died actor Yuri Oskin (Switzerland Nicholas).

"Opoloumevshy doorman heard from the veranda of Wuhan Battle utensils and women's screams.
- Well, you and I do for it? - Asked the filibuster.
The skin on the face of the porter took typhoid hue, and his eyes half dead. He imagined that black hair combed now parted, covered with flaming silk. Gone plastron and tails, and the strap belt originated pen gun. Switzerland introduced himself hanged at Fort-topsail yardarm. With his own eyes he saw his own protruding tongue and lifeless head that fell on his shoulder, and even heard the lapping of the waves behind. His knees buckled doorman. But here the freebooter took pity on him and put out his sharp eyes. »

December 23, 2009, died Galina Barkov, who played saleswoman fruit.

February 25, 2010 was found dead in his apartment for the role of Ivan Homeless Honored Artist of Russia Vladislav Galkin. He was only 38 years old.

"Then the lunar path boils from it begins to whip Moon River and spreads out in all directions. Moon governs and plays, the moon is dancing and playing tricks. Then the stream is composed of excessive beauty woman and outputs to Ivan's hand timidly looking around bearded man. Ivan immediately recognizes him. This - the number one hundred and eighteenth, his nocturnal visitor. Ivan in the dream holds out her arms to him and asks greedily:
- So, so, and this was over? »

April 20, 2010, died Egorenkova Valentine, who played a nurse in a mental hospital.

August 20, 2010 died Stanislav Sokolov - Secretary of Pontius Pilate.

"The secretary stared at the prisoner and did not finish the word.
Pilate raised his eyes to the martyrdom prisoner and saw that the sun was already quite high above the hippodrome, that a ray snuck into the colonnade and crawls to the worn sandals Yeshua that the side of the sun.
Here the procurator rose from his chair, hands clasped his head, and his clean-shaven face sallow expressed horror. But he immediately put it down to his will, and sat down again. »

August 11, 2011 died tragically in a car accident Mikhail Surkov, starring in an episode of "The Master and Margarita" (uncredited).

May 10, 2012, did not live up to 30 years old, died of leukemia young actor Stanislav Priakhin, who played a pickpocket (uncredited).

November 11, 2012 from lung cancer at the age of 65 years died Ilya Oleinikov, who plays treasurer Variety Rome.

"Disappeared Rome spotted with astounds rapidity. He had only to compare the behavior Tuzabuben at taxi parking near the cinema with some dates, times, like when the session was over and when it could disappear Rome to immediately send a telegram to Leningrad. An hour later the answer came (Friday evening), which is found in the Roman room four hundred and twelfth hotel "Astoria", in the fourth floor, next to the room where he stayed head of the repertoire of one of the Moscow theaters, touring while in Leningrad, in the same room where, as is well known, blue-gray with gold furniture and a lovely bath department. »

March 30, 2013 from an inoperable brain tumor, died Valery Zolotukhin (Nikanor Ivanovich Barefoot).

"First on the move showed Nikanor Ivanovich dokumentik, and the second at the same moment was standing on a stool in the bathroom, with his hand thrust into the vent door. In front of Nikanor Ivanovich went dark, the newspaper was removed, but in the pack were not rubles but unknown money, not blue, not green, and with the image of an old man. However, all this Nikanor Ivanovich saw clear before his eyes swam some spots.
- Dollars in ventilation - thoughtfully said first and asked Nikanor Ivanovich gently and politely: - your bag?
- No! - Replied Nikanor Ivanovich terrible voice, - planted enemies! »

April 5, 2013, before their 50th anniversary, died Dmitry Poddubny - an agent of the NKVD, the show was investigating the loss of people from the bad apartment. In reality, the authorities were investigating the circumstances of his death from a closed head injury.

In May 2014, died Stanislav Fesyun - Switzerland Torgsin store.

"Deftly meanders among passers citizen opened the outer door of the shop. But this small, bony and extremely unfriendly doorman barred his path and said irritably:
- Since cats can not.
- I'm sorry - jangled and made long gnarled hand to his ear as deaf, - with cats, you say? And where do you see the cat?
The porter's eyes bulged, and it was why: no cat at the feet of the citizen has not appeared, but because of his shoulder instead has protruded and was trying to store fat man in a torn cap, indeed, little resemblance to the cat mug. In the hands of the fat man had a kerosene stove.
This couple visitors somehow did not like the Switzerland-misanthrope. »

The End.


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