The Master and Margarita

The heroes of the cult novel come to life in fotoproekte.Studiya "Retroatelier" I tried to convey the appearance of the characters and the mysterious atmosphere of Bulgakov's novel. Each frame of the photo shoot with the events occurring in a specific chapter.
Website publish pictures, after which it would be desirable to re-read the book.
"For thirty years Marguerite looked in the mirror on the nature of the curly-haired woman of about twenty ...»

Never talk to neizvestnymi

"Annushka has already bought sunflower oil, and not only bought, but even spilled ...»

"Did you come without a sword? ...»

Pontius Pilat

"- That you call me a good man?»


"They were arguing about something very complex and important, and none of them could win another ...»


"Ivan gasped, I looked into the distance and saw the hated unknown. He was already at the entrance to the Patriarchal lane, and, moreover, not the only one. More than doubtful regent managed to join him ».

Removing Mastera

"Manuscripts do not burn ...»

End apartment number 50

"Do not shalyu, not bothering anyone, mending primus ...»

Pontius Pilat

"In a white cloak with blood-red lining ...»

As procurator tried to save Iudu

"Darkness covered Yershalaim ...»

Unsuccessful visitors

"Here in the crimson light of the fire flashed in front of bartender sword ...»

The phenomenon geroya

"Disturbing yellow flowers ...»

Extract Wizard

"Do not ask for anything! .. Offer themselves and give themselves all! ..»

Latest adventures of Koroviev and Begemota

"This is a citizen and were stopped Koroviev and Behemoth ...»

Forgiveness and Eternal priyut

"It flew in silence for a long time ...»

When svechah

"The cat, behind the eye glasses, quietly podpihnul his king in the back».

The phenomenon geroya

"She came to see me every day, and I started to wait for her in the morning».


"... But soon Margarita opened her eyes and saw a forest is not the darkness, and the trembling lake lights of Moscow».

Fate of The Master and Margarita opredelena

"Woland was sitting on a folding stool, dressed in his black cassock».

News from Yalty

"- Ivan? - Joyfully cried tube - awfully glad to hear your voice! How is your health?

- Mercy, - he said in amazement Varenukha - and with whom I speak? »


"- Then take the trouble to get - said Azazello and, taking from his pocket a round gold box, handed it to Margarita and said: - Yes, the hide and watch the passers-by. It is useful to you, Margarita Nikolaevna ».

Pontius Pilat

"The procurator asked the centurion in Latin:

- The offender calls me "a good man". Get him out of here for a minute, explain to him how to talk to me. But do not maim ».

Great Ball at Satan

"The staircase began to fill. Now on each step appeared from afar seemed exactly the same, frachniki and naked women with them, differ from each other only in the color of feathers on their heads and shoes »


"... I was made sad, but absolutely invincible conclusion that gipnotizerskaya band has the ability to mesmerize an enormous distance, and not only individuals, but whole groups of them».

Photo: Retroatelier



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