Between the Earth and the Moon exactly fit

The average distance from Earth to the moon 384,400 kilometers. That is, our natural satellite is located not too far away. And to demonstrate this, NASA specialists "pushed" into the existing gap remaining planets of the solar system. Surprisingly, they have gone in there almost exactly - with a small gap.

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Mysterious parade of planets: the world is not invented by us ...

You can check the diameter of Mercury's 4879 kilometers of Venus - 12104 Mars - 6671, Jupiter - 139822, Saturn - 116464, Uranus -50724, Neptune - 49244 kilometers. Plyusuem and get 380,008 kilometers. Also be climbed and Pluto. But he since 2006 the planet for some reason no longer considered.

Now scientists are wondering: Is it an accident or a coincidence it was meant to be. By the way, it is - it's a coincidence - is not unique. The diameter of the moon is matched and it is located at a distance from the Sun, which appeared between them and the Earth, exactly covers his drive. This beautiful phenomenon is called a solar eclipse. And we could not watch it if our natural satellite was different - less or more.

 - For all the absurdity of the question it is not devoid of meaning 100 percent - said John Bridges from the Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Leicester. - Imagine that the world really lined up between the Moon and Earth. What will happen? Jupiter will begin to absorb them. "Suck" all this week. As a result, there arises a giant planet. These are found in other star systems - called hot Jupiters.

At the end there will be only one. One Hot Jupiter in other star systems.

According to scientists, we have a catastrophic merger planets seem to be ruled out. But somewhere, it might have happened.

By the way, scientists figured would look like the sky, if in place of the Moon would have been something else. VIEW. It turned out great.

So would look like Jupiter, if the moon into place. Then the Earth would have been his companion.

And yet, why all the planets of the solar system are placed in the space between the Earth and the Moon? Riddle ...


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