The last lunar eclipse in 2011

December 10 Earth passed between the moon and the sun, please us the blood-red moon. If you missed the chance to see the last lunar eclipse of 2011, we offer to admire them in photographs.

Color Moon speaks about the health of the atmosphere of this planet. Copper-red color indicates that everything is normal. (AP)

The moon over a statue of Buddha in Kurunegala, Sri Lanka. (AP)

People take pictures of the moon during an eclipse of the north tower of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. (AP)

Besides, it was the last chance to see the "incredible" red lunar eclipse with the moon and the rising sun in the sky at the same time. Unlike solar, lunar eclipse - a fairly common phenomenon, occurring on average every two years. And all because the moon is one-third smaller than Earth, so it fits easily in the shadow of our planet. In the photo: The moon over the Golden Gate Bridge. (AP)


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