Unity with the Moon.

Practice moon
The first cycle of the magic that you can realize - Lunar tsikl.On convenient by the fact that during the complete cycle, you will be able to remember the beginning. This cycle is commensurate with the pace of life cheloveka.Soglasno certain natural processes that something will live a full life from birth to death and rebirth.
Try to tune in to this techeniem.Proyavleno - is the moon. To start certainly find a place in my life for the "regular" meetings with the moon alone. You and the moon. It does not matter that there are around certain people, you should be truthful internally before lunoy.Ne importantly, winter or summer, hot or cold, or you're busy. Its regularity is necessary to prove the spirits that communication with the moon - just what you are looking for. Better if this communication occurs in the wild natural surroundings, where there is no emanations of people power in place. Be completely utmost sincerity. Nothing should stop you see the moon, as if you met with your favorite (favorite). Super-apply to meeting sostoyalas.Stremites synchronize its activities with the lunar cycle. Home - after the new moon. Maximum - the full moon. Further - reaching full embodiment, goes back, in what is the essence of the activity. Look for something that will not die to the new moon. New Moon - an irresistible line beyond which disappears manifest form, any other than the one who is the embodiment of the spirit. That is why the waning moon can be given to the downward flow of all that is not yours, unnecessary burden. You can clear from what prevents pure action. The net effect, as you can observe from the practice, attuned to the lunar cycle. The real value is that you start to be in the flow, and you will see that the actions themselves, attuned to the lunar cycle, bring to the awareness of the other layers of reality. So you have to start with yourself in order to "any price" to ensure synchronization between your actions with the cycle of the moon. Actions and feelings cease to play a leading role. These correct actions you provide access to the other layers of awareness. Feeling a common thread in this great process, a person becomes meaningful way and can know its further napravlenie.Luna the full moon - the same as the fire. It illuminates your living space so that you can see the manifestation of form as the embodiment of universal forces, those who do exist. Take your place in this process and apply all necessary efforts. Even beyond life and death of any action taken by you in accordance with these flows, is consciousness itself, traveling in the universe, and not knowing the limitations inherent in human life.


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