Hike on Zaravshan Ridge

This may seem trivial, but in fact it is exactly what we are attracted to the mountain peaks - this solitude with his personal God. Step by step you rethink your life - again and again, every ascent and descent. You have to rub your heels, you're buckling under the heaviest rucksack, without water, and a little higher - and without air. And in this extreme mode you want to live. Not in the office, as plankton, and there, high up in the mountains when you proudly look down.

Fan Mountains - a unique mountain area, which is in the heart of the Pamir-Alai, and is part of the Zeravshan Range endless mountains of Tajikistan, stretching for hundreds of kilometers. Most of these mountains remembered his insane and incredible wild beauty of lakes with turquoise water and archa, forbidding cliffs and pinnacled five-thousands framed top snow ice caps.

Second overnight at Lake Aluadin, located at an altitude of 2 800 m. Here I met the first dawn that just fascinated me.

With the arrival of tourists in these places, the locals have a new tradition - to meet and see off a mountain tourist group folk dances.

Packed. Expected to yield group.

Before the ascent, we stopped at the market and purchase a very cheap and tasty watermelons and melons. There were so many that we have not only their eating and drinking, but also washed them.

In Fanah are peaks that exceed five thousand meters. The highest peak - Chimtarga (5489m), the other five thousand meters - Bodkhona (5138), Chapdara (5050), Big Hansa (5306m), Lesser Hansa (5031m), Castle (5070m), the world (5132m), Energy (5120m). < br />

Small Highlander. He has worked in the mountains of ancient cell phone, and my phone with two SIM cards have not seen the network.

Tajik farmers. By the way, love to pose and be photographed. However, then ask instead of candy, books or clothes.

Just a lonely tree powerful among the rocks and stones.

In this meditative place very differently begin to understand the teachings of Buddhism - all the things and events around you totally neutral. It all depends on your personal relationship to them.

Because of the climb I took seriously the process of acclimatization. Permanent fatigue, headache, and could not get to catch my breath.

Reflection of mountains in mountaineering glasses.

Very famous lake Iskanderkul, which is at an altitude of 2200 m above sea level. Local residents told the myth that stayed on the bank with his army, Alexander the Great, in honor of the commander and was named the lake (Iskander - the name of Alexander, Kul - the lake).

In the evening, sitting on a stone and absorbing a delicious dinner, admiring the scenery here is so. Inspire. You start to think positively.

Our brave donkeys and their mahouts.

Fluffy clouds over the bizarre rock formations.

At the same time, the difference in temperature in the sun and in the shade as much as 10-15 degrees. Therefore, before the sun rose, we climbs out of the tent.

Oriental sweets.

The impressive scope and incredible beauty in every landscape.

And around the walls of the cliffs.

This is my Sherpa-porter. Merry Muslim but constantly asked me fat. I gladly shared with him "Ukrainian energy┬╗.

Backpacks are packed, loaded donkeys, go to the route.

Impassive, cold tops.

Most of the ridges and passes, passes at an altitude of 4000-4500 meters, and the valley at an altitude of about 3000 meters.

Photo to break the pattern - not to violate the rights of security and do not boil water on the stove is in the tent.

To show you this beauty and make this picture, I had to put on 5 pairs of pants and jackets 6 :).

Height 4 500m. Starts snowing. Promptly set up the tents and insulated.

Top offers stunning views of the large space, the distant ridges and mountain passes.

On the morning staged poludnevku. Some sleep and rest. View from the pass Chimtarga (4 700m).

One of the most beautiful lakes of Fan mountains, a true miracle of nature - a lake called Big Allo.

Giant glacier.

Not a luxury but a means of transportation.

Tajik sheep and goats is just Eden, because basically they are grazing on the rocks.

Fann Mountains - this corner of the earth is very touched my heart. It is on this wild feel truly alive person. Comes the realization that we are surrounded by a paltry problems to which we attach too much importance.
After two weeks of mountains, rocks, and overnight stays in a tent, coming home and comfortable bed was bliss. How little it takes to feel again the joy of everyday. But I'm sure soon I will pull back to the mountains.

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