The oldest rocks in the world (3 photos)

Huge interest for geologists is the ridge Jack Hills (Jack Hills). After studies of rocks on the array, the researchers were struck by his find.

For centuries, the ridge Jack Hill (Jack Hills) was considered ordinary, unremarkable place. However, studies and analysis of the rocks struck the scientists. Low Jack Hills mountain range stretches for 80 kilometers in all. The mountains are composed mainly of sandstone and quartz, so their color - bright red. Jack Hills lies in the arid west of the continent, and not run away from the tops of the river - just a dry riverbed. For geologists, however, this array of great interest. Since 2005, samples of local rocks give interesting results.

Samples of local breeds in 2005 found crystals of zircon, the age of which varies between 4.4-4.5 billion years. This zircon 750 million years older than any known material scientist on the planet. This radically changes the perception of the process of formation of the Earth. If so, then the Earth was solid almost immediately after the appearance. In 2011, Jack Hills gave another surprise to scientists. The results there zircon hydrogen contains more than twice the light isotopes. Does this mean that soon after the birth of the planets on it were some form of life left us their signs in crystals Australian Jack Hills? Scientists can not argue with the accuracy, the more so that the light isotopes could be the result of other, inorganic processes in the atmosphere and on the surface of the planet.



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