In Las Vegas, presented a three-wheeled vehicle

Developers publicly revealed his three-wheeled pedal car Pedalist.Kompaniya Virtue Cycle Solutions, which is based in San Diego, has successfully developed and presented for everyone to see a three-wheeled vehicle called The Pedalist. This is a band between the pedal electric bicycles and cars. New items can be called trikes or indoor velomobilem.

Electric recumbent will soon be presented at the auto show «Interbike 2014" .On the form recumbent looks very strange: he is tall and "skinny» .

Width velomobile Pedalist only 86 centimeters, which means that it will be a standard doorway. It weighs about 90 kilograms without battery and dvigatelya.

It is expected that mass production trike Pedalist go in mid-2015. The cost of the trike will vary from 3500 to 3900 dollars, not counting the cost of the motor and the battery.



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