His house. Plus to minus

Neighbors. Although I am a social phobia, but my neighbors are extremely important. And the fewer the better. In the 10-etazhke I knew all the neighbors with someone make friends with someone swore. But it was hard (and not like) to find a common language with all. There were different points. A neighbor on the floor below eternally fall apart in front of the porch, for example, had to bring "to the hut" in order not frozen, and then listen to his wife: "My dear, why so watered." Or stated neighbors opposite for cabinet kartofana and clothing (and very decent), the iron door of the wing, and linoleum in the same wing. Here, in the village, and found a common language for the street began to watch all together - Saturdays twice a year, and mutual aid.
Parking. That's really a serious problem for the city now. Comes to shove. And sometimes so pritreshsya in a residential quarter, though, get out through the trunk. And if someone close? All sushi paddles. Here near the attics and I can park your bucket, and 3rd place will suffice friends. Not enough? Park along the road - there is no movement, the remaining bandwidth is enough.
Utility bills. There is also a definite plus. All servicing costs of housing on me. But I do so as a necessary and critical time (not critical stretches hoo what a shame). But I do not pay, such as many in 6000 for heating treshke. And this is just heating. Plus, the water hot, and as I remember another 10 points.
Food. Vegetables are not a lot of black. A little tomatoes, cucumbers. The rest is more profitable to buy at the store. Fruit - understandable: apples, plums, pears, berries. Bread in a local shop just a song, without polyethylene, crispy, yummy. My parents, if possible, buy bread here.
Children. Always outdoors. Normal children's games. Rounders did not play until there is a suitable location nearby, but I figure out how to organize a campaign on the right clearing.
There are many advantages, but everything here so the move will not write.


Cons too, but not as important, if you put the opposite scales of pros.
Do. You always have to do something. This is the main disadvantage for slackers. Then patch up, patch up there. Lawn shave grass fields. Vegetable fields. Plumber is repairing itself. Electrician himself. Although it is still too in a rush, but always enough time.
Expenses. And time is not enough because it is necessary to make, because spending rose just unreal. Build necessary. We have to do it constantly. I bought a house with no heating and no windows. No, the windows were, but in such a state that I had to put new. It was a shock for me, I did not expect such dop.raskhodov. And that's just finished warming the house and trim. Expensive. Can not expensive, but a lot of money, by my standards. And nerves.
Sheathed. Now at the bottom need to change the linoleum tile, as Linoleum does not like heated from below and covered with spots (not sure when made the). In general, the cost of nowhere as it constantly.
I would sell the house and go back to the apartment? No!


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