Some Google employees secretly live on the territory of the office

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Jobs in Google so captures individual developers that they do not want to leave the office. And why do it when everything is there: food, gym, shower, laundry? Lacking only the sleeper to sleep. But it does not stop the most extreme "layfhakerov."

The site Quora goes census «Googlers" who live in the main office of Google or near it. Employees share their experiences and tips. For example, in some areas large headquarters can spend the night, where possible on campus to pitch a tent in which the vehicle model is most conveniently expanded bed.

One of the designers Oksidayn Brandon (Brandon Oxedine) confessed that three months sleeping in Volvo wagon in the parking lot of an office building Building 1900. He wondered whether there are any rules against it.

Brandon laid inside the mattress and IKEA black veil window shutters (for tinting glass 90%).

Judging from the discussion in the thread, Brandon is not the only one who uses tricks to stay in the office and next to him. They say that one man lived as 2-3 years. In the morning he went to the shower near the gym, then to the workplace, where would sit up late. A couple of years he accumulated enough money to buy a home without a mortgage.

Another employee, interface designer Ben Disco (Ben Discoe), secretly lived on campus 13 months. "I had to pay for the house and alimony. There was no money to rent a house on the California rates. I bought a van GMC Vandura 1990 for $ 1800 and it was, figuratively speaking, my only rent for 13 months ».

Ben disk also used mattresses IKEA and tightly hang curtains for comfortable sleep. One day he approached the guard, knowing that a man is an employee of Google, and is no longer fit.

It seems that Google office can really live. By the way, free meals are cooked 675 cooks and kitchen workers . Employees eat more than 40,000 servings per day, only the chicken companies spend millions of dollars every month. In general, the provision of food per employee leaves about $ 20 a day a >.



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