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Tesla Motors is closely watching the development of modern technologies and are not going to keep up with Google and other competitors. Moreover, the company is ready to transfer all their cars on autopilot in the near future.

Executive Director Elon Musk said that the company is working on technology that will provide "full autopilot" for cars in the period from 5 to 6 years. "The overall system and software will be programmed Tesla, but we are definitely going to use sensors and components from many companies, - сказал he. - I think that in the long run all the cars Tesla will be managed by the autopilot ».

Elon Musk forecast is optimistic, because earlier experts predicted output of autonomous vehicles on the free market, not earlier than in 2025. According to forecasts of the research firm IHS Global Insight, in 2025, many companies have adjusted release of unmanned vehicles, and by 2035, their total number will reach 35 million.

Developments in this area are now almost all major automotive manufacturers in the world. Companies like old-style GM and Ford understands that the introduction of robotic transport greatly reduce car sales and hit their business, but can not do anything about it. They are forced to chase the progress so as not to give way to competitors.

Not surprisingly, the carmaker GM also подтвердил, model 2017 Cadillac CTS will be equipped with technology for autonomous control.

The future of the automotive industry - for the autopilot. All companies understand this, and now the fun begins - the "arms race." One can only sympathize with the people who tied his life with service vehicles, including transport drivers. This profession will soon disappear as quickly as a telephone operator profession.

Previously, phone calls could not be carried out without operator assistance, as now it is impossible to get from one point to another city without the help of the driver.

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