Quick and broken

Just three years it took a certain 73-year-old businessman from Florida,
to break the 10 rarest cars.

Among the victims of the "King of destroyers exotics", as it has already been nicknamed some bloggers, there are some truly unique cars. For example, Ford T 1909 issue and concept Ford Indigo, which was never released for sale and there is (or rather, there was) just two copies. The second - the surviving car - belongs to concern Ford.

However, the main part of a sort of "collection" of the businessman, sure, supercars, and most of all from the "Florida destroyer" to get a car Ferrari. However, one of them - Ferrari F355 - suffered through no fault of its owner. Floridian was driving a Lamborghini Gallardo, when his Ferrari crashed Ford F-350 Superduty.

However, in other cases, the businessman did without outside help. So he was able to deal with the two Ferrari 360 Spider: black it at a speed of 100 kilometers per hour crashed into a palm tree, and yellow drowned in the fountain.

The report Wrecked Exotics asserts that all the same businessman managed to break and totally unique car Ford Indigo. However, how he did it, not known for certain. After all, the version that could belong to him, was not able to move independently and represent only the layout of the wheels.


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