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The most favorite magazine "Young technician". With the help of this magazine I received primary knowledge about science in general and physics in particular, it was he who taught me to science fiction, his short story, and was the first "social network", remember letters from readers and friends looking for a heading? A first focus? Yes, and a lot of interesting things. Many thanks for this journal.
Who subscription costs 357 rubles per month. or 4284 rubles a year.

Well, of course they were first :)

And of course Murzilka. With the first comics :)

At UT had a lot of applications of different directions, usually looked filing in libraries. This left-hander. With it, I made my first kite. (Flew only the third option :))

Another application, no less interesting

Young Naturalist. Coupled with the transfer of "In the animal world," the magazine gave a lot of knowledge about the world around us, and various animals as normal and strange. I still remember a series of reports about sharks.
Subscribe today is 5496r 458r month or a year

This magazine has more to adulthood, middle and high school. Of course Technique youth. Serious articles and discussions.

First infa tanks were already grounded))

And do not forget about entertainment

Educational magazine "Around the World┬╗
Now there is a 253r per month or 3036 a year

Again about having fun. "Crocodile┬╗

Here's a magazine for high school students, and the first horror stories. "White Hand", "Red pyatno2 and so on, as well comic about dolphins. Journal Pioneer presented

and I passed these magazines for waste paper in school, for which he received a certificate and a belt from the mother)

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