Leopard recognized his savior and jumped into her arms

Most people would be horrified at the sight of a leopard rushing at them, but for working with animals volonterki predator such behavior was a pleasant syurprizom.Sotrudnik charity "Cheetah Experience" Bloemfontein, South Africa photographed touching moment of the meeting, nicknamed Pardus leopard (Pardus) with his savior, a volunteer Juhi Agrawal (Juhi Agrawal) .Snachala the audience the impression that a big black cat with a barely noticeable spots on the fur is going to pounce on a defenseless man, but in a moment it becomes clear - an animal simply welcomed his favorite. Despite the impressive size, the leopard was trying to curl up on your lap Juhi and occasionally climbed on it, apparently considering himself a former small kitten.



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