Polar Obsession Paul Nicklen (Paul Nicklen) (9 photos)

We bring you the pictures of the new book by the photographer of the magazine "National Geographic" Paul Nicklen (Paul Nicklen). The book, which is called the "Polar Obsession" (Polar Obsession), contains 160 photographs taken by Paul in the Arctic and Antarctic. During one of his polar expeditions with Paul there was an amazing story - with him befriended leopard seal, smertonostny predator Antarctica.

1) A young polar bear jumps from ice floe to ice floe. The Barents Sea, Svalbard, Norway.

2) The Icelandic glaucous gull flies against the backdrop of a large iceberg. Svalbard, Norway.

3) Spring in the Arctic, traces of melt water runoff sprawled on the ice.

4) narwhals dive deep under the ice to feed on the Arctic cod, and then held high their tusks, float to the surface to breathe. Lancaster Sound, Nunavut, Canada.

5) gentoo penguin chick peering into the water, making sure there are no threats, not whether the leopard seal swims. Port Lockroy, Antarctic Peninsula.

6) Sea Leopard "feeds" the photographer Paul Nicklen penguins. (Watch the video below) Antarctic Peninsula.

7) A large male walrus swims back to the shores of Prince Karl Forland after a long dive and eat shellfish. Svalbard, Norway.

8) Bear and her two-year baby drifting on an ice floe. Hudson Strait, Nunavut, Canada.

9) Looking to their uncertain future, this inquisitive large male bear made the camera work and made this self-portrait. Leifdefjorden, Svalbard, Norway.

During his next expedition to Antarctica with photographer Paul Niklenom amazing event occurred. When Paul plunged into the water to make a few shots, swam up to him a large female leopard sea - the largest and most dangerous predator of Antarctica. Gaping jaws of a huge leopard seal in its own way "researched" Paul: predator carefully picked their jaws Fanged head photographer and his camera. And then just gently let go and began to float around, treating Paul svezheubitymi penguins. Offering refreshments Paul, the female leopard bromide directly into the camera, apparently believing that it is - a new friend of her mouth. As a result of this unusual "dating," and there were absolutely amazing shots.


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