About salted cucumbers

I want to tell a little story with slides)) as in the spring, my wife and I want to eat pickled cucumbers. could of course go to the store and buy them, but ... since we are not looking for easy ways, we decided to stay a little longer farmers.

16 photos.

Were bought three packages of seeds 7 seeds each)) as it turned out, 100% germination, here pictured seeds began to break the eggshell. seeds touched by the manufacturer, which is unclear.

Photo two seeds transplanted into a pot

three photos. grow slowly, pour more often at this stage

Four photos. there is already podroschennye cucumbers transplanted into the ground

five photos. grow

six photos. still growing) already watering once a day

Photo seven. Ogura here already visible)) happily

Photo eight. trial harvest.

Photo nine. now collect cucumbers on experiments)) have never been mild salted)

photo ten. go online and look at all kinds of recipes. buy dill. Ruban larger

Picture 11. Now the course is garlic. take one head, not clean, we press a knife.

Photo 12. half fall asleep in a jar.

Photo 13. cucumbers we push into the bowl.

Photo 14. Absorb remaining dill, garlic, add pepper, a couple of sheets lavrushki ...

foto15. fill solution: 7 glasses of water - 3, 5 tablespoons of salt, cover and marlechkoy day forget about them.

Photo 16 and the last. day passed, pull out and enjoy. guys ... what a smell and taste ...))) to all a good week))


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