Salted cucumbers.

A strange combination - you might say, except berries salt.

Salted cucumbers are - elastic, crunchy, flavoring even a simple meal. You are right - we are talking about them, because the cucumbers in fact - is a berry. And this is the only berry that is eaten in the green, unripe form, not without reason familiar to us Slavonic name comes from the Greek "aguros" - immature.
Ripe cucumbers - yellow and tasteless. Although it is difficult to imagine Slavic table without cucumbers, especially salted and savory, this strange berry origin is not Slavic.

It appeared first summer not fresh hothouse cucumbers. Each left there a secret.

So, my friends! 10 photos, some comments need not be the story.

So take a little elastic cucumbers.
Cut the ass ...

Homeland cucumbers - hot India, where they grew up, appearing more than six thousand years ago, and do not grow in a well maintained and cultivated garden, but just in the jungle or obvivaya fences in the village. Name the traveler or merchant who discovered a cucumber for Russia, lost in history. The fact that in the 16th century, this berry have already gained popularity.

Obyaztelnoe presence of such moments:
-list Currant and horseradish.

4 ...
Fall asleep salt ...

Indicate whether fresh cucumbers our ancestors, or simply salt was the main "guardian" of the products, but began to pickle cucumbers in the same manner as before in Russia, salted mushrooms. Slightly insufficient salting cucumbers - to get salted, palatable, crispy, flavorful, so suitable for any feast.
Famous pickled cucumbers and salted, many cities and provinces in Russia, but emphasizes Suzdal and villages Holynya and refurbish the Novgorod region.

According to legend, cucumbers Suzdal ordered to the royal table. Who appeared in Suzdal themed holiday - Day of cucumber, which attracts guests from different countries, enjoy fresh, salted and salted cucumber - a symbol of ancient Suzdal.
In refurbish existed interesting recipe pickling cucumbers are not in a barrel, and a pumpkin for this delicacy supposedly sent Serene Highness Prince Potemkin.
Holynya is generally considered cucumber village. History shows that here five centuries ago fled the rebellious army of Vasily III and seeing what wonderful cucumbers grow, take their breeding and salting. A salt is unusual - cucumbers impel in huge oak casks, pour spring water with herbs and horseradish, and lowered the barrel into the river.

6 ...
Pour boiling water.

By the way, the West discovered that the ingredients of the brine of isotonic solutions, and promote first as a drink for athletes.
Salted cucumbers - not only tasty but also healthy product, they are included in the program of clinical nutrition in atherosclerosis. Fiber contained in pickles, improves the circulation in the blood vessels and helps the healing of micro traumas. And just salted cucumber treats stress - pulled out of the brine, pohrustish, enjoy the taste - and live happier.

We leave to infuse.

Exactly sutki.Kto it holds and two I love salted when you do not understand salty or fresh.

In the 70 years of the 20th century, the well-known popular science magazine "Chemistry and life" had to apologize to readers for gullible April Fool's joke: a new grade - pickled cucumbers grown in saline soils.

9 ...

Vladimir Giljarovsky in his famous book explains why renowned Sandunovskiye preferred Palashevsky bath: "... because next to the baths was lavchonochka where national poet Razorenov selling their products kvass and his pickled cucumbers, out of which the brine was so aromatic and tasty, that his preferred kvass even beautiful. "

10 ...

Normally, or unusual, but cucumbers solilis in Russia everywhere, the best snacks for vodka and even a young scented potatoes was not found for many centuries. So even a classic of Russian literature, Anton Chekhov intelligent thought. And Catherine II all delicacies preferred boiled beef with pickles. It is believed that for salting cucumbers are best with a thin skin, firm flesh, and black or brown spines (white thorns - this is a sign of salad varieties). By the way, in Europe the fruit with thorns called cucumbers in the "Russian shirt", while they themselves prefer smooth. Spikes in cucumber - needed for transpiration, maybe so, "studded" a different taste.

All nezateylevo and English potatoes boiled and salted beef ogurchik.Greh not oprakinut ryumashku.
Sun zakonchil.Vyhodnye comrades, I do not have time just around the corner !!!



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