Birthday, Artist!

Pugovkin Mikhail Ivanovich.

13.7.1923, p. Rameshki, Yaroslavl region - 25.07 2008 Moscow.

People's Artist of the USSR (1988)

People's Artist of the RSFSR (1977)

Commander of the Order of the Patriotic War II degree (2004)

Ukrainian Cavalier of the Order "For Merit» III degree

He was awarded medals "For Victory over Germany", "50 Years of Victory" medal

In honor Pugovkina named one of the minor planets (1997)


Michael Pugovkin, real name - Pugonkin, born July 13, 1923 in the village of Rameshki Chuhlomskogo district of the Yaroslavl region in a poor peasant family. He was the third son in a family house in the village and it is affectionately called Minko.

Working from dawn to dusk, buying lunches and dinners ... Due to the heavy way of life and the need to constantly help their parents in the field Michael Pugovkin left school early, having studied it for only three years.

Even then Minka showed his acting talent at village weddings and festivals - sang, played with rhymes, dancing like mad gypsy, ladies and Russian polka. No one then could not and think that this little guy with perky attractive face will be the People's Artist of the USSR. Before the war, the family moved to Moscow, the parents want to give their children a good education and to wrest them from the hardships of rural life.

Trying to somehow get in this life, some time later, the family of the future actor moved to Moscow.

Fateful meeting

In Moscow, Mikhail Pugovkin worked together with the brothers on the brake plant electrician. Everyone loved him for his cheerful character and wit. But after work he was engaged in the drama circle in the Club name Kalyaeva. At the rehearsal I ran, forgetting about everything. Meeting with the artistic director of the People's Artist of the RSFSR club AP Shatov, it became fatal for the guy. Experienced master recognized the guy natural artistic gift. He also has instructed Pugovkin major role in the play Big merchant Ostrovsky "His people - are numbered", when ill the main performer. Actor for one night learned not only the role, but the entire piece.

In this performance he noticed Honored Artist of the RSFSR FM Kaverin, who was then the Moscow Drama Theater. He became interested in them, was struck by a game of the young boy. And he godsend - Michael Pugovkina invited to professional theater. Despite the fact that he did not even have special education, the young man did not get lost among the masters.

Pugovkin started with bit parts. He worked long and hard. I had to make quite a few efforts to improve diction. And with this task successfully coped actor, earning the respect FM Kaverina. Soon the game became Michael Pugovkina cheering audience of him began to write press


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