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The first accordion appeared in Russia in the early nineteenth century, thanks to the original sound and visual appeal, quickly became popular. Number of masters harmonicas business has grown so that the fishery for their production in Tula became the second most important.

In 1870 Nikolay Ivanovich Beloborodov, trying to expand the musical possibilities of the instrument, produces double-row accordion with full chromatic scale, including not only the seven basic notes, but five semitones.

Since all private factories in pre-revolutionary Russia were based on cottage industry and were not suitable for conversion to industrial enterprises, in 1930 in the Tula factory starts building harmony, which in a few years was serial production.

In the old Soviet times, this is the largest union in the plant produced 5000 accordion and accordion in a month, now only 300. The cheapest model - odnogolosyj souvenir-row accordion is 5000 rubles, and live multi-timbral chetyrehgolosiya accordion 420,000 (I'm not mistaken in zeros ), student of 25.
 - So after all, is it difficult to break the accordion? - I ask the chief engineer.
 - Well, it all depends on the amount, but, by the way, if a tool shed glass of vodka, it will deteriorate. Fur melted and tear as a result. Accordion, for example, do not like to go on tour China - accordion in a week swell from moisture, if not made of seasoned wood for five years.
 - A torn half brings repaired?
 - No, I never have been.
 - In the New Year, March 8 play at work when celebrating?
 - At the table there, is to invite a team, they act.
 - Play, of course, all employees are able to?
 - Why? Not all at once production technology is important, but on checking and setting, of course, play.

The factory three workshops: carpentry, metalwork and assembly. Surprisingly young chief designer leads us on the floors. In my opinion it should have been, at least, the old man.
 - How long does it take to design a new model?
 - If you use ready-made items - a month.
 - So soon?
 - What's so hard about that? If you look, the accordion - the thing is quite simple.

Carpentry - all-male department.

Traditionally, bayans off with celluloid. All models look classic. No Kevlar, carbon fiber and brushed aluminum - the sound is not the same. "Mods" also brought the body from Italy, they are more interesting, and is here inserted our guts "because Tula sound has not been canceled».

First celluloid is soaked in acetone.

Then, when it is soft, tight and polished details.

Behind these scraps Soviet Tula boys specifically went to the factory and garbage, adding to them a tube of toothpaste, received an excellent rocket. Moscow were forced to spend money on celluloid canisters and tennis balls dymovushek. Now I write and am upset that not picked up a pair of sheets. My daughter would show a master class, and now the Chinese firecracker easier to buy than to do something.

All the details of its own production

Making accordion for 95% manual labor. The only component that uses CNC - decorative grille.

Upscale master work in separate rooms, including mahogany and home-made planes, but not in the general shop.

It is believed that a really good accordion is going to be a master. It is a model with seven chin registers - buttons located on top and press in the game without hands.

So made lump Voice plates.

That she makes a sound.

Bayan belongs to the reed musical instruments. Passing through the hole, the air shakes metal planochki.

Each nastroyschitsa sitting in a booth

Kuskov Voice plates of the tubes supplied with air, built-in microphone captures stand frequency

Computer error reports. Then the tip of the tongue a light touch needle files cut away at a tiny portion, changing its weight and hence sound.
 - And if you cut down too much? - I ask the tuner.
 - Then cut away the tongue closer to the beginning, and so the circle.

But in the finale, when the accordion is assembled entirely, it still sets the master is already listening.

On one half shell assembly takes at least 3-4 weeks, each employee collects from its beginning to the end

The left half shell contains 2000 items.

 - You collect the whole month! Then he probably can not see?
 - What do you! We are going through, we go to the Adjuster, learn, do not want to mess back then on.

All that has 2 rows of keys - harmony in Boyana 3-5 series with an accordion keys on the piano. In Europe the button accordion has found that externally from Bayan layman indistinguishable.

Tie-dye, and a logo. The names of all models - Cyrillic.

 - The figures are different from the mood?
 - Of course, I'm not a machine.
 - I would like, perhaps, some come up with a pattern?
 - So I come up sometimes, I've been here six years work.
Eyeing the daisies, indeed, are all different.

The last stage - packing. Bayan wiped and fit in a holster. All.



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