How to pull his hair out of the Matrix


1. Quit drinking, smoking,
eat meat. Do not eat fast food. Actually, there is nothing anywhere, feed
by itself desirable living food, restrict carbohydrates, eliminate sugar.
Do not chew gum. It is advisable to go to the tooth powder, compound
fluoride in toothpastes depress the pineal gland.

Clear the gastrointestinal tract. It is desirable to antiparasitic cleaning. Throw
excess medication. Iodine and brilliant green. As in the army. Do not go to the doctors.
Generally - stop believing in the disease. They do not. Do not allow any
manipulation of an extraneous.

3. Start talking with
carcass. Body, this divine vessel - it has a voice and a
consciousness, and always says that he should and what should not be. And it must
learn to respect. The need for vibration free food shows
of distortion in the cellular structure. Establish contact with elements
organism. Make friends with them and give them the job of cleaning,
reconstruction and transformation of the true body. Talking with water
while washing. Asks her to clean the bottom of the body, to thank her for it.
Do not go with her hair. Hair - it's antenna, they collect
over other people's thoughts and unnecessary information. Dissolve the hair only when
communion with the supreme, in meditation.

4. Daily (available in the evening)
do gymnastics, any complex exercise calm under
meditative music. Use aroma lamp. Oils revealing
different chakras. Gymnastics sometimes goes into deep meditation (but
It is only later, when the vibrations are high, it all happens by itself).

Daily walk for 2-3 hours in the air, preferably away from the matrix.
Communion with nature. Focusing on the breath. Stop visiting
shopping malls, stadiums, demonstrations, smoky pubs and glamorous
Avoid unnecessary communication.

6. Go through your entire
Closet. Be comfortable, practical, not fanciful natural things
free cut. Well, T-shirts with jeans, of course. Understand that things
more than you can endure. Deal superfluous.

Less wear jewelry. Chains, chains, bracelets, rings, it all connects energy, blocks the free flow.

Throw out the microwave, do not ever watch TV (throw).
Turn off unnecessary appliances in the house of the network. Remove all the intricacies
wires and not to "stand under the boom") not to talk on mobiles (almost
throw), turn off during sleep, meditation, and when you do not, you, to
example, in another dimension, or are doing. Computer - well, it is difficult
throw out, I understand. But to limit any nonsense shopping with
Internet sites and forums for women, games for boys.

perfect order in a room in the house, in the garden. Clean out all the angles,
throw out all the unnecessary ruthlessly. Say goodbye to all the broken,
broken, glued, not working, lying in the attic, junk. Down
trash. What is the outside and inside. Mend all that is needed. Cranes not
must flow. To love all that surrounds you.

8. Forgive everyone and
ask forgiveness of everyone. All who compulsively arises in your mind,
as an intruder, and begins with you inner dialogue, even though you
not invited.

9. Communicating with animals, plants and small children is very shown.

Then, after a couple of months, you realize that because of the painstaking
vykolupyvaniya distortion, reduce costs. So, you can try
less work.

11. Stop worrying about his age.
Move your body to the point in your area where you had the most
comfortable in terms of appearance. And tell your body.

Stop at all to worry about anything whatsoever. Not in a hurry.
You in eternity. Do not ignore what seems trifling.

Do creative work. Write, draw, glue airplanes, singing,
dance, nothing to collect. Life - it's a verb. Best
employment - drawing on the sand)

14. smiling. Everyone everywhere

Dmitri Kalinin


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