Appeal to the President

In Chelyabinsk, November 10, 2005 Eugene Arbuzov some Alekseyevna, driving a car Mazda state. Number T 309 TX,
Hitting produced Valery Fadeev and Ilya Akhmadeeva. Hitting was committed on the sidewalk near the bus shelters.
As a result of the accident, VV Fadeev cause of severe open head injury, then VV Fadeev assigned disability group II.
After a month spent in a coma, he was placed 2 titanium plates in the skull.
Arbuzov EA punishment for committing an accident did not suffer. There are witnesses to the accident: Screw V., Shvachenko GV,
Kalinin PV Arbuzova father - a senior officer of the FSB in the Chelyabinsk region.
In the institution of criminal proceedings in the Prosecutor's Office of the Chelyabinsk region VV Fadeev was denied 8 times!
Now head Valery huge plate ... are frequent epileptic seizures, after which he almost does not remember anything.
He speaks with difficulty. But once he was a climber, playing amazing music!


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