The most unusual fruit and vegetables

Melon nods (Antillean cucumber, horned melon, Angoor). Kiva, kiwi countryman, a native of New Zealand.
Externally, the fruit resembles yellow-orange cucumber with many horns. In fact nods not so terrible as it seems:
spines are soft, cake is loose. The best way of eating fruit - cut it in half and vyhlebat green pulp.
Nods like a cucumber and lemon simultaneously - refreshing. It contains vitamins PP, and vitamin C in it more than enough.
The average fruit weight of 300 g, the average length of 12 cm. The fruit unusually decorative and can be used to create original compositions
and even as Christmas tree decorations.

Romanescu. This is a close relative of broccoli and cauliflower. If you like cabbage, this vegetable is fantastic you will surely enjoy. In addition, this wonderful vegetable is packed with antioxidants.

Hand of Buddha. It is popular in Asia the fruits of one of the representatives of the subfamily Citrus (Rutaceae family). The content of this fruit under the thick skin very much like a lemon. Has the largest of all citrus fruit. Their length is 20-40 cm. Diameter - 14-28 cm.

Durian. The fruit durian recalls some "alien" fruit the size of a soccer ball, covered with barbed hard skin. The pulp of the fruit inside a pale yellow color. Smell like a dirty worn socks, rotting meat, or waste water (choose what you like). However, this fruit tastes amazing and elegant. The first European explorer who in the 1700s first tried this fruit called him "king of fruits". "As soon go on a dangerous journey only in order to try this fruit" - added the brave traveler.

Monstera is growing in many homes. In nature, this plant produces delicious fruit. Mature fruit core monstera, despite the unpleasant pungent smell, delicious and tastes like a pineapple.

Few people know that there is a North American banana Paw-paw (banana prairie). This banana grows in south-eastern America. Externally it is very similar to an ordinary banana only slightly shorter and has a fragrant scent.

Dragon Fruit or Pitaya is very sweet and delicious fruit with white flesh, dotted with small edible seeds, like kiwi. Many who have visited Thailand, already "tasted" Pitaya. Currently, this fruit is fast gaining popularity in the western world.

Jaboticaba. At first glance, these fruits can be taken for wood parasitic fungi. In fact, this sweet fruit, to taste something resembling a plum.

Star fruit. A cross-section of the fruit forms a substantially regular star. This fruit is juicy, sweet with a hint of sour. Tastes like grapes, mango, lemon - all in one. In its composition contains a lot of oxalic acid, so do not abuse this fruit is recommended for people with kidney failure. Homeland fruit - Sri Lanka

Goat beard. The root of the goat beard. Tastes like oysters.


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