In the network appeared Picture a man, who was expelled from Saudi Arabia for its beauty

The network has pictures of one of three men who were deported two weeks ago from Saudi Arabia because of their excessive beauty. One of the beauties ended up as an actor, model, fashion photographer and poet Omar Al Borkan Gala from Dubai. A week ago he published on his Facebook page a picture of another with the comment, "That's what the newspapers around the world :)" and links to relevant news about the very controversial deportation.

At the moment this record in a social network collected more than 41 thousand likes "and 17,000 repost, although Al Gala and before that obviously did not lack popularity - on his Facebook page signed by 476,000 users.

The incident with the expulsion of the three "Krasavchikov" occurred in mid-April. Then the delegation of the United Arab Emirates, which included and was Omar Borkan, paid a visit to the festival of folk culture in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. At this time the men of the local Islamic religious police (religious morality police) burst into the tent Emirati delegates under the pretext of being there is not accredited for the event of the artist from the UAE and detained three men who seemed to them "too beautiful" and therefore the faithful visitors of the exhibition "could accidentally in love with them. " After that, all three of them were deported from the country.

Therefore, the staff of the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice to any kind simply could not afford to continue to be tempted residents of the state. The detained men were subsequently deported.


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