Facts about dogs

Do you have a labrador? Do you think it's cool? You are not alone! Labradors are considered the most popular breed in the world.

Dogs do not drink water mindlessly working language - they form a sort of cup from the bottom of his tongue.

Proroditelyami dogs are Miacids primitive predatory animals that lived about 45 million years ago. It is assumed that all of them occurred modern carnivorous mammals.

If the dog is behaving strangely, perhaps approaching storm. Dogs can hear, smell and feel the changes in the weather long before us.

Puppies are born blind, deaf and toothless.

The first feeling is aware of puppies - touch.

But! Dogs are not fans obnimashek. In the dog world, any limb imposed on other animal means dominance.

Each dog ear controlled 18 muscles and moves independently of the other.

Dogs with a square skull (like St. Bernards) hear infrasound much better dogs with narrow skull (like spaniels).

However, small dogs (like Chihuahuas) can hear sounds in a wider range than the big dogs.

Imprint canine nose is as unique as fingerprints cheloveskie.

The wet nose helps dogs feel the fragrance, absorbing moisture droplets carrying the smell.

When dogs dig earth after "toiletry cases," they are not trying to bury anything - they mark their territory, using aromatic glands in their paws.

Guide dogs go to the toilet on command.

Males raised leg when he wrote, as a sign of dominance.

Dog urine can corrode metal. Several lamp stolobov in Croatia actually collapsed because of the huge number of dogs peeing on them.

Some species have been specially bred Pekingese, to be worn in the women's purse.

Border Collies and Poodles are considered the most intelligent dogs.

Afghan Hound Basenji and considered the least intelligent.

Beagle - the noisiest breed dogs.

Akita Inu - dog breed with the bad behavior. In some countries, you will raise the cost of insurance for an apartment, if you own a dog breed it.

Source: www.ellf.ru


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