Most cozy bookstores world

Of these stores do not want to go. They like even those who does not like to read, because there is simply unthinkable beautiful, cozy and well.

Shakespeare & Company, France

First store opened in 1919. It visited the well-known writers, including Shakespeare, so later the name was changed. A feature of the store is a soft light, spread out a pile of books, very homey atmosphere, nice accessories, beds, where you can at least every day from morning till night to come and read books for sale.

Ler Devagar, Portugal

Ler Devagar is in the factory shop, where a lot of space, shelves are arranged along the walls, and their height is 10 meters. The first floor includes a small cafe where you can drink wine, and the second has a reading room, as well as the scene where from time to time performances. A very unusual situation.

Poplar Kid's Republic, China

Here the emphasis is on low-lying shelf and custom design. This maze for the little hobbits and their parents.

Selexyz, Netherlands

It is a branch store chain Selexyz, which is housed in an old church building era of the 13th century. On the location of the cathedral choir now nestled nice and cozy cafes. This contributes to the greatness of purchases. Perhaps you feel involvement in the great world culture.

Livraria Lello, Portugal

This is not a store, and some fabulous palace. It was opened in 1906 and named the bookshop. Very strange and inappropriately modest title for such an impressive luxuries. Today's owners care to keep stucco, quality flooring to prevent galling most important decorative elements. Is there own tram line (on rails), which carry on trolley with books workers in overalls. In addition, there is where to sit and read or just bought your favorite book. Incredible store! There just want to live!

Librería El Ateneo Grand Splendid, Argentina

Previously, it was the theater. In 2000, the building was converted into a huge bookstore with the layout in the style of "well". Armchairs replaced by bookshelves, and have placed many tables where visitors can sit and read a book.

Libreria Acqua Alta in Venice, Venice

Cozy bookstore, where books are like in your own room, in the order in which the owner had left them. Read a book, you can, his legs dangling in the water of the local channel. Incredibly dear shop.


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