The ladies behind the wheel

Professor of psychology at driver training Vladimir Sopov calls one of the main female mistakes behind the wheel travel in high heels. Also on the list of his observations curious fact - the steeper the car, the more stupid and arrogant behavior its owner.
"I was very surprised by this special category of girls, which is trying to drive a car, wearing shoes with high heels - told Sopov.- When men see that such a person sits in the car and is not going to change one's shoes, I always have a genuine interest - and how it will begin to move? »
Although it is clear that the wheel studs are contraindicated and can cause accidents, female forums are constant battles on this topic. Arguments in favor of studs sea - from "I'm used to, and I'm comfortable," ending with "if I go in sneakers, you can not forget pereobutsya».

Another common and dangerous mistake of the fairer sex, according Sopova, talking on the phone while driving. "Men are not so fond of talking - the expert believes. - In my memory girl talking on the phone, left the bustling Avenue and drove a bus, because it is not noticed.
Of course, it is difficult to see if all the pressing issues in the discussion ».

REFLEX Pavlov's dogs
The habit of constant male attention may also play a cruel joke with women.
"Sometimes, when a gentleman sees a girl behind the wheel, he tries to skip it, even if traveling in the right lane - says Sopov. - This can be repeated 5-10 times, and then she begins to think that this will always occur, and all have a duty to pass her car.
I call this effect reflex Pavlov's dogs. It is important to remember that no one will miss not the obligation, if that does not require traffic rules ».

Cold water, hot coffee and a dog
It turned out that in the summer it is women who love to put a bottle of water directly into the tank next to the handle gearbox.
"I saw myself in a critical situation the girl behind the wheel grabbed the bottle and began to try to change the speed! - Says Sopov. - Another fashionable habit among women - is to drive a car with one hand, and the other to hold a glass of hot coffee. Sometimes it's even worse than the phone: it in an emergency situation you can throw, but a glass of boiled water can easily spill over ».
Among the fair sex has also become fashionable to carry with them in the car decorative dogs without a leash. "This is a very bad habit - says Sopov. - The animal does not know where it is, and requires constant attention. A thirsty hostess could not refuse. As a result, attention is scattered, and the dog itself in the worst case can jump somewhere under the pedals. Its definitely need to bind using a leash ».

LIFE ON sink and "Full stuffing»
Editor in Chief of TV channel "Auto Plus" Alexander Dobin one of the errors of beautiful ladies called a complete unwillingness to give way to the other girls.
"They never give way to each other - told Dobin. - Men can move over or slow down out of respect for a more expensive car. But when she sees a number of rides "rival", then be that even in a spaceship, no way it will not pass ».
According to experts, it is more ladies than men can get away from the car, leaving the lights on. And some are particularly sensitive and may even late for an important meeting, you still call in front of her car wash.
"There are those who wash car three times a day - says Dobin. - For many people come to the meeting on a clean car is more important than punctuality. And another feature that struck me - this love to a large number of options that they never use. I have friends that when buying a car installed in them all possible options. At the same time, no one knew exactly how to use them and why they are needed. There is navigation, but she does not know how it vklyuchat.Est steering wheel heating, and in winter it still leads in mittens ».

PANIC IN LIEU decisively
Chief editor of the publishing house avtonapravleniya "Pronto-Moscow" Alexei Mogusev believes that many mistakes are made because of inexperience, not because of who is behind the wheel. However, he admits that the girls slower to react to critical or simply difficult situations that require quick decision-making, and may panic.
"For example, girls may very crooked park, put the car on two parking spaces, - said Mogusev. - Although my wife parked better than I do. Woman on a stressful situation can react on mouse - squealed and fall into a stupor, when necessary, on the contrary, to act. For example, the bumble bee flew into the cabin - she shouts, waving his arms, throwing wheel, pedals, and where already there before the road ... ».
Coordinator of the "Society of blue buckets" Peter Shkumatov sure that it is impossible to say who drives better - a woman or a man. But recognizes that there is a typical "female" and "male" error.
"The expression" confuse "supported by real cases - told Shkumatov. - Sometimes a woman instead of brake can close your eyes. It turns out that many of the girls who have recently got behind the wheel, can make quite typical for men errors. And it's not that men drive better or worse, just the girls have their own characteristics ».

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