City. Dirty, unfriendly, dangerous

Naked statistics based on the analysis of opinion 54,000 respondents. It is clear that the evaluation of the city and the country is useful not only in terms of cost, but in general, for general education. Studies conducted on the site TripAdvisor.

Of course, choose the best city for travel, but any rating has a beginning and an end. But with the end we will begin. Tourists evaluated settlements on 16 categories, which included a description of the hotel, value for money and quality of service, availability of services, entertainment, nature and attitude of local residents, taxi services, etc.


Tourists have considered it the most polluted city in the world. In addition, it is difficult to move, it is difficult to stay with family, always sharp, though, and cheap food.

Marrakech, Morocco

Second place from the end takes on the grounds that navigate the terrain here is extremely problematic, and local residents are not eager to help. Moved here not on anything, mostly on the streets dirty. Tourists are not satisfied with the food in restaurants, as well as local customs, which practically do not allow normal travel alone.

Moscow, Russia

Third on the list was the worst of Russia, or rather its capital Moscow. Strong leadership by the worst Moscow won criteria regarding the relationship of local residents and taxi services. Travelers also worried about expensive hotels and generally price-performance ratio.

Resort Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic

Tourists annoying level of culture, poor range of shops, no nightlife. And in my opinion, here you just have to go to the sea. Which shops where such nature?

Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt

Once this resort was one of the best, and now here it is simply dangerous to life to go, especially alone (according to tourists, "in Africa sharks, gorillas in Africa ..." and other dangers in the form of suicide, accidents and food poisoning in clubs , and in hotels too). There simply terrible public transportation, and quality entertainment begins promptly concede amusements at the same resorts of Turkey.

Beijing, China

Beijing is increasingly losing ground in all respects. Many tourists who happen not to vaunted resorts, and in the midst of the usual rhythm of life, say disgusting quality products, high prices for fruit, which almost no soiled local streets, smog, traffic jams, poorly developed public transport. All this completely destroys the feeling of admiration for the amazing culture of the country.

Hanoi, Vietnam

The list of the city fell because of problems with public transport. Also, there is simply no place to go at night. Bedroom village rayonchik. And yet there is almost nowhere to walk barefoot because fasten any infection. And, looking at the photos, you will not say ...

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Despite the fact that there is hot in every sense, the dollar is very high, the price disadvantage, and relax for a level of service here is very expensive.

Brussels, Belgium

Seemingly European city, but tourists are not satisfied with hotels and taxi service.

Bangkok, Thailand

Thailand Thailand there, there is a specificity. If Pattaya no one really pays attention to it, in Bangkok visible defects immediately. This heat and dirt, and nothing is not compensated. Even shopping, from which in such circumstances tired as hell.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Here poorly taxi service. Drivers impolite.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Here quality is high, but the price is even higher. Too expensive everything. For the Russian royal city salaries requests.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Here the Russians are not satisfied with the level of culture of the local people. I wonder what it means? The fact that local laws do not allow to "rip" as usual Russian people, but because the locals seem to be "ignorant"? Or actually are solid louts and bullies. And the table champs?

But victory in the ranking of the best cities in Tokyo gained as the most developed, clean, inexpensive and diverse city in terms of entertainment.


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