The image of the film on a piece of paper

Extremely original project presented the Spanish designers studio Atipo. That's the same people fancy, just respect there. Simplify always difficult. With simple sheets of paper creatives are depicted and the concept of well-known films.

451º Fahrenheit

A world in which harness the most valuable thing that humanity has created, - the source of information, books. They are burned at a temperature of 451º Fahrenheit. But Guy Montag accidentally meets a unique girl who has not lost faith in the real world, and a police sergeant, who is forced to destroy the book on pain of severe punishment, he suddenly realizes that he is the same fire that should put out fires and not fuel their ... Paper Image selected for the parchment, the one that was used for storage of archival records.

Bonnie and Clyde

Ardent love couple dashing and elegant robbing banks in the early 30s years. Prototypes of the characters, as well as the film's heroes, mired in banditry, and their inevitable fate awaits complicated. Paper texture reminiscent of fashion in those days, colors and textures of fabrics.

Battleship Potemkin

The plot of the film is deep, saturated and multifaceted, a direct reflection of the bloody era of striving for freedom and independence. Semantic load the film is ambiguous, black stripe, white stripe, stripe blood-red. And it's not a velvet revolution, but a real straight bled struggle. How subtly and sensitively designers caught context, using the image of the film velvet striped paper.


Fictional character or not, it does not matter. But the important size of the paper with which demonstrated the film. Deep color of red paper is exactly the same color thick drops of fresh blood.


Beautiful and delicious mix of five stories related to each other. Genre is not new, reminiscent of both the films "Pulp Fiction", "11:14", "Cloud Atlas" and other similar stories. But this story is special. Just look at her.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Born an old man, he dies in the form of a baby. Touching and sensual love story. And sad sentimental epilogue.

We used a different color, texture, to more fully display the meaning of the situation. It is a symbolic philosophy, the idea of ​​which lies in the simplicity of the approach.

Bridge on the River Kwai

British soldiers were captured by the Japanese in Burma. They have to build a bridge over the River Kwai, while enters the order to destroy the object. A film about the unprecedented courage, human quality and objectivity of the military history of those years.

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?

Caucasian girl found a black groom in Hawaii. Parents, as usual, are opposed to the marriage, the groom gives birth to a new round of conflict, stating that no formal agreement does not marry the girl, thereby creating an avalanche of internal contradictions of racial discrimination. Very picturesque identified the most pressing social issues. At the end of all married.


There is no need to retell the story. Everybody knows that the man of the staple pieces - not to make it whole. The same applies to the paper.

The Man Who Would be King

Curious and instructive story about the needs and "bottlenecks" of society. British soldiers and Daniel Peachey convince residents Kafiristan (a small valley at the intersection of Afghanistan and Pakistan), and uneducated members of the poorly known tribe that they are gods. This makes it respected rulers. Kind and funny, and yet we live. Who convinced that he is the best, and we believe that all; and all concerned.


What is there to add? A film about a shark shock; when he appeared for the first time, was the cult horror film 90s.


Yes, he's now come out from the inside ...

Edward Scissorhands

Victim scientist, Edward, is a human imperfection. He has everything, except the hands. And he can not really hug the woman he loves. Plight, a wonderful film.


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