This summer you have to make

Summer - a wonderful time that so many are waiting for and which many pass completely and irrevocably. Ahead we have three summer months, which can and should live happily and productively. Collect like berries strawberries on a blade of grass, the moments of joy and sunny summer memories.


Pedal, substitute person you meet a warm wind, laugh without reason and experience the delight of harmony with the world.

Have a picnic on the grass

My favorite blanket, comfortable pillows under your back, the real, not plastic utensils, napkins and beautiful whole basket of delicious homemade food. This day is your family and friends will remember for a long time.

Make a wreath of wildflowers

Remember, as a kid with my friends went to the field, tore the flowers, and then, quietly talking or something humming, wove wreaths? This summer is sure to be repeated. Do not forget to throughout this beauty photographed!

Lie down in a hammock with a book

In the shade of the orchard, gently swaying lazily waving away the annoying buzz. Flipping favorite novel, think about your nap briefly.

Drink tea from a samovar with fresh mint.

Bagels with a bit of sugar, jam and fresh buckwheat honey. You can drink from a cup, but the best of the bowls or saucers.

Dial a basket of mushrooms and cook mushroom soup

As well: after breakfast, go to the nearest garden prolesok from Brest at the edge of the sun, breathe with nothing comparable to the smell of earth, grass and pine needles to collect a basket of mushrooms, and came back and quickly clean them and cook fragrant soup.

Make the children herbarium

Plants for a herbarium (leaves, flowers, twigs) to collect better in sunny dry weather, so that they are completely dry - without traces of water and dew.

Run barefoot in the dew

In the country, each of us affairs and concerns in the morning. But if you wake up early, when the sun is just starting to warm and stroll barefoot on a slightly damp, cool grass yet, it will fill you with energy and joy for the whole day.

Collect beads from wild strawberries

Please carefully - berry to berry - strung on a blade of grass, and then all at once "thread beads" eat. Magic taste!

Make a mask of fresh strawberries

While it is summer, use natural products grown up on your beds, as cosmetics. Mash into a puree a few ripe strawberries medium size and apply on face. Hydration and nourishment.


It would seem that catch and fend birdies, but there is in this game in the fresh air is something exciting and joyful. Definitely there!


Better, of course, not in the one-day and overnight: pitch a tent, light a fire in the evening, watch the stars, singing songs with a guitar, and in the morning wash with ice-cold water from the stream and drink hot tea from a mug camp.

Bake the potatoes on the fire

Make all the rules: wood - fire - coal - potatoes. Anxious waiting and anticipation. And here it is, hot to, tossed with her hands on her palm, get dirty in the ash fingers, cheeks and nose, hurry, burning, but can not do anything, have no strength to wait. Pat of butter, a pinch of salt - th-th-th, how delicious!

Lie on the haystack

Sometimes you go somewhere out of town by car, the window float fields, forests and villages. And then they - the wheat-yellow haystacks. Stop! Feel what they are elastic and a little prickly.

Start with kids kite

You can make yourself - just the snake improvised, and you can buy the paint and more in store. In any event, excitement and good mood for the whole family are provided.

Ride the Ferris wheel

To a little scared at first, and then to laugh with relief. And to see the city from a bird's eye and wonder what has changed in some areas and neighborhoods.

Congress in St. Petersburg during the White Nights.

Because this phenomenon can be observed only in the summer, then plan the trip is strictly from June to mid-July.

See the dawn

At least once during the summer, meet the sunrise - wake up alarm clock (about 4-5 hours in the morning). You will not regret!

Ride bungee

Keep it low, like a swing. But the feeling of flight, believe me, is a powerful and unforgettable!

Take a dip in the river naked

It can be in the morning when the water is warmer than the air and floating mist. Or the day when the sun was hot and mercilessly body asks saving coolness. Or in the evening - the water will take all the tiredness.

As a joke, pour water from garden hoses and watering cans

It's always fun and memorable. Will be on hand camera - a group photo, "We: wet and happy».

Build a sand castle

If you planned a family vacation near the water, plan and "construction". Yes, it is necessary to tinker, but that result is worth it, right ?!

Cook fragrant jam to grandmother's recipe

Berry or fruit, or a five-minute jam - you decide. And be sure to eat it is impossible to tender and delicious foam on jam!

Take a walk in the park with your loved

Rent a boat, take a stroll through the alleys, by all means stop at an old-fashioned dance halls and see how waltzing couples, and maybe even dare to dance themselves.



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