Moon bridge in Beijing

In the countries of Asia is very popular so the title of the moon walking bridges that are made in the shape of a crescent, they can be seen in many Chinese and Japanese gardens. A special word deserves a similar bridge, located in Beijing. At one time he was made to him by freely floated imperial boat, which had a rather impressive size.

Locals call this a bright landmark in the Chinese capital Camel Hump Bridge. Order for its construction in the former imperial summer palace in Beijing, in the middle of the eighteenth century gave the ruler of China. The unusual shape of the arch was chosen with the expectation that the dragon boat, which often traveled the Emperor and Empress, could easily pass under the bridge of the moon.

Initially, this unique structure called the Jade Belt Bridge, because a large part of the structure is made of gray and white marble, is somewhat reminiscent of the rock jade. This moon is the highest bridge of arch bridges in Western Dam, the distance from its construction until the water is about ten meters. Beijing residents, and numerous travelers from many parts of the world enjoy visiting this place, because here is intertwined with the history of the original Chinese architecture.
Make it interesting pictures Jade Belt Bridge dream as a professional photographer, and thousands of tourists from all over the world.



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