Useful layvhaki for your kitchen (23 photos)

Very useful tips on arrangement of the kitchen and cooking. I am sure many of you have these great ideas to help!

1. Place for caps

If your box has a dish towel, you can put back the cover and they will never again fall on your head from the top drawer.

If there are no hangers, you can try another option. Conventional hooks for towels, which are glued to the surface and are worth a penny. Even better - the hooks can adjust the size of caps.

2. Iced coffee

If you want a cold coffee, it is better to freeze it into cubes, then add a glass of milk, cream, or other components.

It does not have to wait for the coffee to cool down and get a drink of ice, not cool watery muck.

3. Potato dish saves

Salted stew can be saved by adding the chopped potatoes.

4. Gray microwaved longer

If your microwave does not fit two plates, a substitute for one of them a cup and warm dishes faster.

5. Bake the pancakes without drops across the plate

To avoid spray pancake batter on the stove and easier to pour it on the pan, then mix the ingredients just pour it into an empty bottle of ketchup.

6. Ice packs are not rasplyvetsya

If imbue ordinary sponge with water, put it in a sealed plastic bag and put into the freezer, get a solid ice pack. When using the water will not flow.

7. The sandwich in the toaster

To make a sandwich toasted on the outside but soft inside, put in one slot toaster two slices of bread.

8. cooled wine

To cool white wine, you can use frozen grapes. Unlike ice cubes, grapes Do not dilute the wine with water.

9. carry more packages

Several packages with the products, you can connect a carabiner and carry in one hand.

10. Open the cans with tape

If you have a construction tape, you can stick it on the bank and easily open the lid tight.

11. Safe eating popsicle

Bottom of the Styrofoam cup, put on a popsicle stick, will protect your clothes from stains and streaks of chocolate ice cream.

12. How to fill faster and easier

Cut the upper part of the plastic bottle with a lid is put on the bag with barley, salt and other bulk products, the package is passed through the neck edge and screw cap. Now, store and pour products much easier.

13. Make tacos

Use crumpled foil to tacos evenly propeklos not collapsed.

14. Remove the dryer

To free up space in the closet, you can remove the dryer and hang it over the sink.

15. Fill in all the space

To use all the space under the sink, you can set the rod and hang him cleaners.

16. To the last drop

If cut in half jar of ketchup or sauce, you can use it until the end.

17. Simply pour oil

During frying, pour vegetable oil in a bottle of ketchup. So it will be more convenient to pour it, and you do not pour too much.

18. Cutting boards

Office organizer files can be used to store chopping boards.

19. Homemade mixer

If the screwdriver to attach the cappuccino maker products will mixer.

20. Quickly thaw frozen beef

To minced meat thawed quickly, before freezing distribute it in small portions for different packages.

21. More space for slicing

If you do not have enough space for cutting food, pull the drawer, and put the cutting board.


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