MOD-t: 3D printer for all of the 249 US dollars

Habré regularly publishes news, articles and reviews of 3D printers. So far, most models are available for purchase there are any other defects. This can be a difficulty setting, high cost, noise, impracticality, low-quality print or all together.

Recently started to appear inexpensive printers, from the series "for all". These devices are already set up, assemble and configure 3 days after the purchase of the printer is not necessary. Today, by the way, on the Indiegogo campaign was launched to raise funds for start of production is very inexpensive and cute-looking 3D printer: MOD-t.

Just a few hours a campaign has already attracted more than 180 thousand US dollars (at the time of writing material), and to the end of another 36 days fees. Who else is available Specials for 199 dollars, and at the very beginning and had the opportunity to pre-order for only US $ 149. Generally, such devices are expected to be sold on the $ 249

According to the developers, they wanted to create a printer to work with a person who usually do not need to delve into the material science, studying the temperature at which a certain kind of melted plastic, for example. All set to zero, and you need do is to connect the printer to the network, to fill its consumables.

In addition, specifically for this printer creates a directory of 3D-models, where, according to developers, will be all that can be useful. True, a little unclear whether you can use a third-party model, not from the catalog.

However, the developers promise the ability to modify its models, including the change in shape, color, and other things that can be changed.

Incidentally, the inspirer of the project hatched the idea for more than 10 years. Back in 2000, he wanted to create a similar printer, but then things like this are extremely expensive, and it is unlikely that we would have.

Here are the technical characteristics of the device:

Here is a comparison with other 3D printers:

Minimum tolerance when working printer is selected in the application, it is 0.2, 0.3 or 0.4 mm. The design uses biaxial system improves the speed and accuracy of work, as well as the quality of the produced parts.

Overall, an interesting device for a very modest price. It seems that this printer can afford to any student unless the student's home country and the device will cost $ 249 instead of two, and even three times more expensive :)

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