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They say the first car - a love for life: no matter what brand, how much horsepower under the hood and how it looks.
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The first car to Vadim Fetisov became the "Cossack", given to him by his father on the ... decade. For peers, rides his bike, the car was a real spaceship.

Fifteen years later, and in the garage Vadim appeared brand new Volkswagen Golf 7. But first love will not be forgotten, so close to the practical worth German Soviet "ZAZ" 968 1973 onwards, capable to compete with other BMW.

Under the hood of the car - a 2-liter inline four-cylinder engine with fuel injection RENIX, issuing 140 hp Engine borrowed from the Renault 21, with him the first hundred "ZAZ" 968 transfer any 8 seconds, top speed - 210 km \ h.

- With the engine was a lot of experimentation. First put the motor from the "classics" - VAZ 2106 - volume 1, 5 liters, then from Niva - 1, 7 l. Then came the turn of J7R750 Renault 21. Of course, over the motor had a little pokoldovat: put a camshaft with high cams, air filter nulevik Raid. Thoroughly had to work on the cooling system. I have it with two sinks, one is located in the engine compartment, the second - under the front bumper.

Also, the Renault 21 was borrowed mission, however, to establish a French five-step "mechanics", had to work hard: to digest and milled transaxle case, turn the differential.

Make a suspension of "Zaporozhets" something corresponding to the potential of the new engine, it was impossible, so I had to radically alter the entire structure.

- For better handling set shorter half-line from VMW E30, hub came from Skoda, front shock absorbers - from "Tavria", the rear - from Mercedes-Benz 190. Disc brakes, ventilated in a circle: from the front 2112, rear - from the Audi A6.

Changes undergone and the interior of the vehicle. Exclusive panel mahogany Vadim Fetisov ordered in Belarus. The front seats are put sports, RECARO, rear - 90 from Audi, but with slight modifications, and a new steering wheel MOMO. Also set in a circle electric and serious "musicĀ».

- On the music had to spend thoroughly: insert the CD-receiver NAKAMICHI CD400, added to it the amplifier CALCELL BST 150.5, subwoofer KICX WP200, as well as capacitor ORIS CP-050. Selection of wires made towards BELSIS, put midrange HERTZ HV-70. That did not get the street noise, put noise-vibration isolation STP.

Appearance Porsche 968 also has undergone some changes: specifically for this machine have been made the original "skirt" under the bumper, fitted with PVC sills and xenon lamps with a color temperature of 6000 K. The side mirrors also had to change: the original was inconvenient, but came from Golf 2 just.

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Today Porsche 968 Vadim Fetisov - a frequent guest various exhibitions: the car is quite popular. However, the work on it is not over yet: plans Vadim fascinated drag racing, set to "Cossack" 3, 7-liter engine from the Porsche 911 GT3, issuing 381 hp And then the Soviet "zhuzhik" will disappoint many turbocharged foreigners.

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