Seeing this, I immediately pulled her out of the pantry. Ideas weight in gold, especially number 4!

Sewing machine — a necessary thing in the household. With its help you can easily create outfits for the whole family. And when the mechanism will serve their own, a good job, the old machine will still be useful in the house... You'd be surprised about it.

One of my friends a couple remodels such unusable items. The result is impressive: a beautiful, comfortable and original furniture I never saw!

In addition, the process of creating a creative, interesting! Looking at different options, you'll definitely want to repeat it at home.

Sewing machines old образца

Edition Of "So Easy!" prepared for you 11 reasonable and original ideas of using old sewing machines in the home. Here it is, the inspiration!

  1. Dining table
    A great solution for the home — kitchen dining table with elegant wrought iron base. The top can be wood or glass. Glass — clear or frosted! A variety of options...

    Pick up to the table the appropriate style chairs and a harmonious, relaxing mood for your kitchen just provided!

  2. Dressing table
    We'll need to use the base machine as a whole. For a beautiful appearance all items must be sanded and re-painted in any color. In office, where previously I hid a sewing machine, you can put a cloth-covered box made of plywood, and the lid inner part to attach the mirror.

    Original and beautiful, look and admire!

  3. Desk
    If you're a fan of minimalism, then you can do a simple Board as a tabletop. It, like the legs, can be painted in your favorite color. But if the soul needs refinements, attach to a wrought iron base the top is from an ancient Bureau. You have a thing worthy of the title heirloom!

  4. Garden furniture
    Great idea for the recreation area. This furniture will transform the entire gazebo will make the garden more comfortable.

  5. Table for details
    In the corridor, or hallway, you can set the table for various small, but very necessary items — keys, cell phones, flower pots, photo frames and not only. Its creation does not require special expenses. Enough to have the base of the machine and the material for the upper part of the table.

    This piece of furniture is just great it will look with a vase of flowers and a favorite collection of memorabilia.

  6. Grill
    Spring is the time for may day! Old sewing machine will come in handy if you like to fry a barbecue, but your grill you yet. For making order from joiner the cutting iron under the top drawer for cooking, and then prepare all parts of the welding apparatus.

  7. Country bench
    And old sewing feet are easy to make base for garden benches or chairs. Plates order the carpenter, and then all the parts connect and covered with varnish.

  8. Flowerbed
    This garden corner will satisfy even the lazy, after all, easy to care for them. You don't need to bend over to water the plants or remove weeds! Dreamed about it?

  9. Sink
    A sink in the form of a bowl mounted on a wooden tabletop, and the base of the sewing machine will create a kit with modern overtones and a vintage slant. Designers call these items contrast! Fashionable thing, and for pennies.

    Excellent and fresh solution for a bathroom design.

  10. Locker decorations
    Love all the different decorations? Here's an extraordinary idea for the storage space. Just attach the base Cabinet with various compartments and door mirrors.

  11. Stand covered for
    The subject will be very relevant in the children's room with multiple beds. The night shot of the bed, blankets can be neatly hang on a special rack.

As you can see there are lots of ways that you can make from an old foot-operated sewing machines, it is only necessary to properly present the idea, and the result is beyond praise. I wish you good finds for your stylish interior and implementation of all creative projects!

Show family and friends of this information and maybe they have a new born masterpiece. But if you've done something similar — we'd love to see photos of your work in the comments.

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