Stray dog ​​became a mother for the homeless kittens

The amazing story that began with the children's kindness. Fortunately, children, unlike adults, are still able to show it in relation to homeless animals. Girls made a small hut for five kittens and they came to feed them. Everything was as usual, but at the camp came across a stray dog ​​that ... became a mother for the kittens! We read about this amazing story on!

Three weeks later she took care of the kittens, warmed them, not let them run up and growl at strangers who come close to the shelter. Girls say that she even tried not to eat food that they bring to the kittens, and ate only what was put in a bowl for her.

Upon learning of this situation, one of the volunteers helping animals Novosibirsk group went to pick up the kittens and dog on overexposure. Forces girls and their friends have joined up four kittens.

Dvornyazhku- "mother" volunteers now jokingly referred to his own man, zoozaschitnitsey. On the type of dog 7-9 months.



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